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Nasuni Unveils Multi-Cloud Solution to Ease the Migration of Unstructured Data

Nasuni, a provider of cloud file services, is releasing a multi-cloud solution that frees enterprise IT organizations from having to migrate unstructured data.

The new release of Nasuni Cloud File Services eliminates the distinction between primary Network Attached Storage (NAS) data and secondary archive data with the first combined solution that scales without limit using cloud object storage, and that automatically aligns what customers pay with their access requirements.

By providing applications and users with ubiquitous access to all unstructured data through one global file system, Nasuni also enables customers to fully leverage cloud services such as AI and analytics.

The new release of Nasuni Cloud File Services offers a modern solution that can cost-effectively store any amount of file data for any length of time, align costs with access requirements, and give users and applications fast access whenever, and wherever, it’s needed.

By leveraging scalable cloud object storage as the sole repository for all file data and automatically reducing Nasuni subscription costs as files become inactive, Nasuni also eliminates the need to migrate unstructured data or upgrade hardware.

The new release of Nasuni Cloud File Services offers four software-defined services that can be licensed standalone or as a bundle, including:

  • NASUNI PRIMARY offers scalable file storage, backup, and disaster recovery (DR) for highly active workloads. Users enjoy high performance access to active data cached on Nasuni Edge Appliances, while IT never again has to backup files, refresh NAS and file servers, lease DR sites, or migrate file data.
  • NASUNI ARCHIVE offers affordable long-term file storage and rapid retrieval for secondary, less active file workloads. Users enjoy high performance access to archive data, while IT never again has to migrate data between tiers.
  • NASUNI SYNCHRONIZE extends the NASUNI PRIMARY and NASUNI ARCHIVE services with seamless file sharing across any number of locations.
  • NASUNI COLLABORATE extends NASUNI PRIMARY and SYNCRHONIZE with the ability to globally lock files, enabling users to work on the same files from any location without version conflict.  

Other capabilities new in the Nasuni Cloud File Services Summer 2018 release include:

  • Optimizations to Nasuni’s web browser client that significantly increase the performance of browsing large directories.
  • Integration with Syslog that enables Nasuni events to be reported on and analyzed.
  • Enhancements to Nasuni’s cloud-based Global Volume Manager™ and Global File Lock™ technologies that significantly increase the performance of data propagation across sites.   
  • Optimizations to the Nasuni Management Console (NMC) that enable petabyte-scale customers to more quickly make global configuration changes.

 For more information about this release, visit www.nasuni.com.

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