Kryon launches AI Booster to unify the RPA and AI experience

Kryon, a robotic process automation (RPA) provider, is releasing AI Booster, a set of new artificial intelligence services based on Microsoft Azure’s Cognitive Services, to create a unified RPA and AI experience.

Kryon's AI Booster will allow business users to deploy and manage AI technology by simply dragging and dropping these elements right into personal process workflows without having to develop complicated AI applications.

By connecting seamlessly to Kryon’s full-cycle Automation Suite, these advanced AI capabilities will create a superior, unified RPA and AI experience.

This exciting fusion of RPA and AI is a direct result of Kryon's ongoing strategic cooperation with Microsoft, said Harel Tayeb, CEO, Kryon.

AI Booster is yet another weapon in the Kryon arsenal for leveraging natural methods of communication to clearly understand and interpret users' needs, according to Tayeb.

The impact of Kryon's AI Booster will be felt by those responsible for handling unstructured and structured data from documents, including the BSFI and customer service fields. Key benefits include:

  • Enhanced automation capabilities
  • Reading both printed and handwritten text in images and API:
    • Offering optical character recognition (OCR) to detect embedded printed and handwritten text and extract words into machine-readable character streams to enable text searching
  • Improved customer experience
  • Form recognizers:
    • Enabling advanced machine learning to extract text, value pairs, and tables from documents, forms and receipts, while understanding the layout and relationships between fields to pull information from the document with exceptional accuracy
  • Smart accuracy
  • Text analytics:
    • Facilitating robotics to quantify human intent and apply it to business processes through four different types of highly effective analysis

AI Booster’s addition to the Kryon full-cycle RPA solution demonstrates the company’s ongoing investment in the growth and development of customer success.

For more information about this news, visit https://www.kryonsystems.com.

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