Halmax unveils the LinkinSMS cloud, enabling organizations to remove the existing limitations of an SMS message

Halmax, in partnership with Sinch, is launching its LinkinSMS cloud SMS service for national and global enterprises, aiming at improving the effectiveness of mission-critical business processes.

LinkInSMS delivers up to 16MB of formatted rich content to any smart phone in the world. Other communications technologies are being introduced by other providers to address the character and formatting limitations of SMS.

However, those solutions require their specific technology be used by both the recipient and the sender. LinkInSMS requires only that the sender and recipient use universally available SMS on a smartphone.

LinkInSMS automatically creates and hosts a Web Page of up to 16mb from the message content. The message content can be from a common email; or can be initiated from the LinkInSMS Customer Portal; or initiated through the LinkInSMS API. The URL of the web page is automatically inserted into an SMS message and delivered to any smart phone having SMS capabilities.

Each SMS has the option of security, which can be tailored by the sender and easily accessed only by the intended recipient.

LinkInSMS is positioned for the corporate environment with a robust Customer Portal and enterprise communications features.

The customer can easily customize the company's business communications by creating lists of preset recipients, setting predefined headings and footers including logos, message templates, and much more.

For more information about this news, visit https://linkinsms.com/.

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