FinancialForce introduces ACCELERATE tool

FinancialForce, an Enterprise Professional Services Automation (PSA) and Customer-Centric ERP (CC ERP) cloud solution, is introducing FinancialForce ACCELERATE, a set of service and product solutions created to accelerate customer value.

FinancialForce ACCELERATE features both paid and non-paid services, in addition to tools, methodology, and product technology to deliver on accelerated outcomes for customer success.

Designed for both the FinancialForce PSA and CC ERP product offerings, FinancialForce ACCELERATE delivers a range of services and product solutions across the customer lifecycle experience, beginning when the prospective customer evaluates FinancialForce through to when they become a seasoned customer, delivering accelerated time-to-value and ROI.

With FinancialForce ACCELERATE, the customer sits at the center of their lifecycle experience with FinancialForce.

Customers expect FinancialForce to be a valued partner in delivering on those desired outcomes, delivering success across all stages of their customer lifecycle experience, and that is why the company created FinancialForce ACCELERATE, said John Bergman, vice president, product management at FinancialForce.

FinancialForce ACCELERATE features five key customer experience areas that accelerate customer success and help customers maximize their ROI with FinancialForce.

FinancialForce ACCELERATE engages people, processes, and technology to keep the customer at the center, delivering value and outcomes at every stage of the customer lifecycle experience including:

  • Evaluation Services
  • Implementation Services
  • New Customer Services
  • Customer Adoption Services
  • Seasoned Customer Services

FinancialForce ACCELERATE includes comprehensive best practice business processes, a definitive set of best practices for the implementation, configuration, and use of FinancialForce solutions.

These business processes are tailored for customers in different segments, industries, and at different levels of maturity.

These best practices serve as a critical baseline for FinancialForce ACCELERATE and are continuously improved as the company delivers added functionality in its products, as the market evolves.

For more information about this news, visit www.financialforce.com.

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