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Alation Workflow Automation closes data governance gaps

Alation, Inc., the data intelligence company, is introducing Alation Workflow Automation to help data stewards meet the increasingly complex data governance needs of enterprise data environments. The solution leverages Alation Automation Bots and extends existing platform workflow automation capabilities to automate manual and repetitive tasks.

According to the company, Alation Workflow Automation optimizes data governance processes from curation to consumption.

Alation Automation Bots increase metadata quality by proactively checking for missing security classifications, titles, and terms—prompting data stewards to act. These rulesets and workflows can be further customized to reflect organizations’ unique needs.

The solution also provides visualization of data governance progress through dashboards that display rule adherence. Alation Workflow Automation eliminates the need to expand data steward teams, fosters faster, more reliable decision-making, and ensures cost-effectiveness while delivering trusted and AI-ready data enterprise-wide, according to Alation.  

"Workflow Automation is critical in today's complex data environment, enhancing the way organizations govern their data with significant improvements in speed, quality, and compliance," said Junaid Saiyed, CTO at Alation. "By leveraging Alation Workflow Automation, organizations can automate the more mundane data management tasks, enabling data stewards to focus on strategic initiatives that propel business impact. This shift boosts metadata quality and ensures adherence to regulatory standards more efficiently. As a result, organizations can drive quicker decision-making, improve operational efficiencies, and manage growing data volumes without the continuous need to increase headcount. Alation Workflow Automation is essential for any enterprise aiming to sustain and accelerate their data governance initiatives in a scalable and cost-effective manner."

 Alation Workflow Automation streamlines data governance and improves operational efficiency with: 

  • Alation Completeness Bot: This bot ensures that all titles and descriptions are accurately filled out and properly categorized into specific domains, quickly identifying and correcting gaps in metadata.
  • Alation Compliance Bot: This bot streamlines key data governance tasks, such as security classifications and policy updates, improving data consistency and compliance. It identifies data classified as Personally Identifiable Information (PII) using standard patterns and supports custom rules to ensure compliance with regulations.
  • Alation Current Content Bot: This bot includes a set of rules that verifies available fields in the catalog, such as date, and compares it with a timeframe to identify whether data is current and up-to-date. By automating these checks, the bot helps maintain the integrity and relevance of data governance. 
  • Alation Metadata Management Bot: This bot ensures data stewards and data owners receive timely alerts when new metadata is added to key databases, such as new tables or columns. These notifications allow users to promptly curate content in the data catalog, ensuring that business users clearly understand how to utilize data effectively. 
  • Customizable Workflows: These capabilities provide collaborative, user-friendly workflows tailored to data stewards and governance teams. These workflows are enabled with Alation Catalog Sets, Alation Workflow Center, and a robust set of APIs and developer recipes that can send notifications when set rules are triggered. These help streamline tasks, send alerts, and link various activities to accomplish a specific initiative. 

For more information about this news, visit www.alation.com.

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