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VICE Media Group deploys LucidLink to bring production to the cloud

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LucidLink, a SaaS-based company delivering high-performance remote collaboration to the world’s largest brands and creative professionals, announced it has been deployed across VICE Media Group to diversify its post-production model and move its production workflow to the cloud.

The implementation of LucidLink has eliminated the company’s previous challenges in downloading files or sending drives, which were time-consuming processes that were becoming unsustainable.

VICE Media’s news team initially ran a 30-day trial of LucidLink during the pandemic, employing ‘cloud NAS’ technology to enable content to be stored in the cloud and dynamically streamed and cached to local devices.

VICE Media’s news team used LucidLink for teams working remotely with the day-to-air content from regions in the field to the finishing teams taking broadcast content to air. The trial was so successful that VICE Media moved its entire production workflow to the cloud, according to the vendor.

“We wanted to deploy a solution that would enable remote from home productivity in the short-term, but we also wanted to try and build something that would stand us in good stead post-Covid. That meant we wanted a tool that would work sustainably from the speed of production. It also had to meet the terms of the cost model, the infrastructure it sits on, and be enterprise-ready and security-focused,” said Dominic Brouard, post-production infrastructure manager, VICE Media Group.

With LucidLink, editors, wherever they are located, can access assets on cloud storage, perform the required work, and share a file with a producer for immediate review. Editors worldwide can now work on the same media, story, or program, employing a “follow the sun” model. For example, when an editor in the UK finishes for the day, editorial team members in South America can continue to work on the same project, according to the vendors.

“Our speed to edit has increased immeasurably with LucidLink,” said Brouard. “Quite simply, had we not had LucidLink, then in the short-term, we would have been less efficient working from home (during Covid), and in the longer term, our cloud-first strategy would probably have required a more complex and expensive post-production system in the cloud.”

For more information about this news, visit www.lucidlink.com.

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