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Tracking investor wealth

Let’s face it. A “wealth management system” is something everyone would love to need. Nothing like applying sophisticated technology to help chart your personal riches as they amass in your portfolio.

In this case, however, the wealth management system is being used by three companies: Investors Group, Great-West Life Assurance and London Life Insurance. The three are members of the Power Financial group of companies, which has 7,500 advisers serving the Canadian financial services marketplace.

The companies have signed a five-year agreement valued at $6 million (US) for Wealthware software from Spectra Securities and related services. The solution--which involves order, investor and information management tools--will be rolled out to financial advisers through phases beginning in 2001.

The initial phase will focus on automating the investment fund process, so advisers can deliver investment products and services more effectively to their clients, according to Spectra. Eventually, the advisers will have a full complement of technology tools at their desktops for a single view of clients’ investments.

“The technology will enable us to provide our financial security advisers with strong, contemporary electronic tools to help their clients design, build and maintain effective portfolios,” says Murray Taylor, senior VP of retirement and investment services for Great-West and London Life.

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