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InWith Corporation uses IBM Watson as its LLM foundation

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InWith Corporation announced it has selected IBM Watson technology for its large language model, aiming to bring reliable AI to its users.   

"We selected IBM Watson because it was an early innovator in AI and offers more control than other AI models to date," said president and chief technology officer David Markus, Ph.D. of InWithAI.com. "The AI environment is very chaotic right now, with a lot of misinformation being spread. InWith AI on IBM Watson offers everyone a quality refuge from this, by allowing Personal control of the information that you share about yourself or your business. It's your private chatbot."  

Business owner and InWith AI customer, Shane Visto, said AI is not only for Silicon Valley. Visto runs a farming implement company in the Midwest.  

"We like that Inwith AI can help promote our monthly in-store sales promotions as well as giving customers basic information about our business," said Visto.  

Inwithai.com allows anyone to create their own chatbot that can do everything from promote your resume, your business, to answering complex science or geographic questions and everything in between. 

The service is free to set up and the company is looking at ways to allow users to monetize their private AI chatbots. 

InWIthAI, a subsidiary of InWith Corporation, is a leading technology and innovation research group known for patents on electric contact lenses and wearable XR technology.

InWithAI is a machine learning artificial intelligence platform powered by IBM Watson and available to businesses and consumers alike.

The platform enables users to control the learning inputs of the AI and protects them from fraudulent outputs about themselves or their business.

For more information about this news, visit www.InWithAI.com.  

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