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Getting to know your customers better

Because buying a car is such a personal experience, Hyundai Car UK wants to keep in touch with its customers and their needs. And if it can also please partners in the process, even better.

The automobile manufacturer is implementing software from Onyx to manage customer and partner relationships across its enterprise, including call centers, marketing and sales departments, and dealers across the United Kingdom.

Hyundai's goal is to consolidate all internal databases to improve customer service and retention, as well as to make sales and marketing more profitable. It also wants to unite geographically dispersed business units throughout the United Kingdom.

The three-phase solution began in September with the creation of a single customer and prospect database that will replace multiple databases and make the information available through a single interface.

In the second phase, the database will be extended to Hyundai's network of dealers via the a partner portal in the software suite. That will allow Hyundai's partners to receive sales leads and collect customer data from a single Web interface and pass relevant information back to Hyundai.

The third phase will extend the entire relationship management solution to the dealers, enabling them to handle customer interaction directly. Customers will be able to browse and update their own information, establishing a dialog with Hyundai and its dealers. That will be accomplished through personalized Web pages via an employee portal in the software, as well as through traditional channels like phone and fax.

"We import and distribute around 32,000 new vehicles each year in the U.K., and our customers are predominantly private individuals, rather than business fleet buyers," explains Don Aitkenhead, systems director for Hyundai Car UK. "We want to reflect that intimate ownership with intimate customer relationships. This is a flexible and scalable solution that allows for multichannel customer interaction either through Internet methods."

The solution will be integrated with Hyundai's existing J.D. Edwards supply chain management solution.

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