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Carlsberg advances its time to market strategy with ABBYY

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Carlsberg Group, one of the world’s largest brewery groups, chose ABBYY to automate its order and delivery processes, enabling hundreds of Carlberg Group beers in more than 150 markets to arrive at their destinations significantly faster.

“We are very pleased to be able to make such a significant impact at Carlsberg. A growing number of global organizations like Carlsberg are relying on ABBYY to streamline and accelerate revenue-generating and customer-impacting processes,” said Neil Murphy, global channel chief at ABBYY. “All too often, manual processes and endless paperwork get in the way of time to value and customer satisfaction. Using ABBYY IDP solutions means staff can focus on other more business-critical tasks and leave the tedious paperwork to their ‘digital’ colleagues.”

ABBYY's intelligent document processing (IDP) solutions enable the Carlsberg Group to accelerate its digital transformation strategy and increase workflow efficiency and improve team productivity, according to the company.

The integration of ABBYY IDP technology in the order process allows Carlsberg to capture incoming orders by mail automatically and transfer them immediately into the company’s SAP system.

Carlsberg receives many orders through email that previously had to be checked and entered manually into their system. Carlsberg is now saving up to eight minutes of manual work per order depending on the region.

The second process where Carlsberg is relying on ABBYY technology is delivery notes scanning. Before using intelligent automation, delivery information was registered in the company’s system manually. When trucks arrived at the warehouses, the delivered goods were checked against the delivery note at the warehouse gate. The file was then manually typed into SAP and the goods receipt document was generated and posted.

By integrating ABBYY’s IDP solution, the whole registration process is performed automatically. The process of receiving and putting away received goods and reusing vendor labels has significantly accelerated and enables Carlsberg to have a better overview of the entire delivery process, according to the vendor.

“ABBYY has been instrumental to our execution excellence strategy enabling us to digitally master our data and processes,” said Kamil Kropaczewski, business owner at Carlsberg. “Thanks to the integration of ABBYY with our robotic process automation bot, we’re able to speed customer deliveries by improving workflow and team productivity.”

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