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Call Center for knowledge

A large outsourced call center has improved the quality of its responses and call handling times through implementation of a new enterprise knowledge platform.

Center Partners will use BrainEKP from TheBrain as an agent knowledgebase that more than 300 agents will access as their primary source of information during customer support calls. A pilot project at Center indicated that agents using the software were more productive than those in a control group. The testing was carried out under strict guidelines, according to a press release from TheBrain, with blind call audits for measuring adherence to quality best practices.

"Rapid and accurate access to information in real time is essential to agent performance," says David Geiger, CIO of Center Partners. "The software is superior over current interfaces and delivers striking results in better quality and lower average handle times. The Brain provided the technology along with solid methodology for long-term knowledge management, which led to the pilot's ultimate success."

With the software, Center Partners is said to optimize its agents' view of existing information from third parties. Previously, agents were unable to find the information they needed to help customers because of problems navigating through various topics and questions via the traditional interface on the client's intranet site. Agents were also frustrated by delays in accessing information when they were on the phone with customers. Now, new visualization and remapping features enable agents to discover the right practices as they are supporting customers and provide immediate access to information when it is needed.

Agents also have the ability to further personalize their "Brains" using a simple drag-and-drop interface so they can see and access topics in the way that best reflects their own way of working and thinking. Those user customizations also provide a continual feedback mechanism that allows the knowledgebase to evolve and update itself.

"We recognize that everyone organizes and searches for information differently," says Chris Kneeland, chief learning and development officer at Center Partners. "BrainEKP allows our agents to organize information in the way that makes the most sense to them and helps them access it easily and accurately. This has had an incredibly positive impact, not only on our business results but also in terms of employee satisfaction. It helps people be more successful."

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