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Beauty and intelligence

A customized beauty products retailer on the Internet has turned to customer relationship management software to get to know its customers better.

Reflect will use E.piphany CRM software from Interelate to build a customer data mart and provide ongoing support and results analysis.

“We offer women a truly customized online beauty experience,” says Matt Doyel, director of customer focus for Reflect.com. “Interelate supports our ability to offer a world-class customized experience by providing us with tools to better understand our customers, and thus delight them with personal customization across an entire line of beauty products and services online.”

Reflect.com will use the new customer intelligence capabilities to increase capacity and precision in its customer focus efforts.

“In the realm of customization, one-to-one customer interactions, in real time and across many touch-points, are critical. Interelate and E.piphany will provide a closed-loop solution for planning, executing, measuring and analyzing multiple touch-points and interactions with our customers,” says Doyel.

Reflect.com is an interactive e-business that provides haircare, skincare, cosmetics and fine fragrance products for women. It was formed in 1999 by Procter & Gamble, Institutional Venture Partners and Redpoint Ventures.

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