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Adding content management to e-commerce

Eastman Chemical had an e-commerce site that was efficient and effective. Customers could place, change and track orders online 24/7. But as a communications channel, the site needed improvement.

Because Eastman wanted information delivery on the site to be as compelling as its e-commerce functionality, the company, with the help of Internet consulting firm iXL, implemented content management software from Eprise.

Eastman’s new Web site went live in April with more than 3,500 pages of product and corporate information for customers, prospects, partners and stockholders. Customers still have 24/7 service, but now the new system seamlessly integrates with Eastman’s homegrown e-commerce applications.

“The Web site design and content are sophisticated and informative,” says David Holden, Eastman’s manager of e-business technology. “It’s easy for anyone to get to any information anywhere on the site, and because the software enables us to edit and submit content that’s ready to published, we can truly keep the site dynamic.”

Eastman says that through the new technology, the company is saving man-hours in its Web development department. Content used to be submitted to the department in a word processing format which had to be rekeyed as HTML, then placed in a job queue and posted for publication. Now the content workflow process has been streamlined, and only a minimal amount of programming expertise is required. What might have taken days in the past is now completed in a matter of hours, according to the company.

“The depth and breadth of Eastman’s site needed to increase significantly,” says Luis Babicek, iXL client manager for Eastman. “But at the same time, we decided to keep the main focus simple and product-oriented.”

The user-focused site keeps visitors informed through various sections, which include a customer center, investor relations area, employment opportunities section and pressroom.

“Keeping content dynamic is a critical success factor in using the Web as an effective, relationship-building platform,” says Babicek.

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