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Intellectual property/capital are terms used to describe intangible assets: the results of human thought and talent that have value and are original. This can include designs, published text, new inventions or improvement, software and music. Managing and protecting that IP in a way that drives more value and stimulates sustainable growth is important for many organizations.

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Redis Cloud supports LangChain OpenGPTs Project

Latest collaboration continues companies' work to unlock developer's ability to create innovative AI-driven applications and experiences

Copyleaks offers a plagiarism detection platform, an AI-generated source code detector

The new tool, Codeleaks, can detect AI-made source code with 99.8% accuracy


The award-winning organization demonstrates how it goes beyond simply delivering technology to working with clients to ensure that both the technology and knowledge processes are embedded into the work processes

2023 KM REALITY AWARD WINNER: Inter-American Development Bank

The winners of the KM Promise and KM Reality awards are designed to celebrate the success stories of knowledge management

Marrying KM with AI at KMWorld 2023

At KMWorld 2023, Ian Hook, director, KM and insights excellence, Novartis, discussed Novartis' journey to implement GPT-like solutions and how proper KM principles are essential to making it work during his session, "How KM Saved AI: The GPT Journey"

KMWorld 2023’s second day keynotes strike the balance between human connection and AI

At KMWorld's keynote session, experts in their fields covered a myriad of KM topics pertinent to the dynamic nature of modern business. Each speaker emphasized an overarching purpose regarding knowledge at the proprietary level—that it should spark joy and productivity, bringing users extraordinary experiences and new, exciting opportunities.

KM and the future of work at KMWorld 2023

Lynda Braksiek, principal research lead, knowledge management, APQC, and Jeff Willinger, digital experience director, Withum, led KMWorld 2023's session, "KM & the Future of Work," to discuss the latest advancements in technology and how that will alter the path of KM and its practitioners.

Using tech to create KM secret sauce at KMWorld 2023

Brad English, Michele Myers, Pablo Gomes discuss "Using Tech to Create KM Secret Sauce" during their KMWorld 2023 session

Institutionalizing global KM and organizational learning at KMWorld 2023

At KMWorld 2023, Adrian Rivera-Reyes, Melissa Patsalides, and Thom Sinclair,  explained the KMOL process during their session

Evolution or transformation? Rethinking KM in the chaos of disruption at KMWorld 2023

Suzan Pickels, knowledge manager at CRB, led KMWorld 2023's session, "Evolution or Transformation? Rethinking KM in the Chaos of Disruption," to exemplify the ways in which CRB is leveraging new tech to prioritize knowledge efforts, address clients' needs, and invest in AI analysis and application

KMWorld 2023 opening keynotes focus on the future of work

KMWorld 2023's opening keynotes discussed AI, taxonomies, transforming the employee experience, and more

White House issues executive order to create AI regulations

The extensive order touches on matters of privacy, civil rights, consumer protections, scientific research, and worker rights

CTERA Fusion offers unified file and object access for the enterprise

First global file system to provide ubiquitous data services across file and object protocols

Openstream.ai announces its latest multimodal conversational AI patent

Patented approach enhances CX through natural interaction and deeper understanding of customer behavior

eGain AssistGPT automates knowledge for customer engagement

The solution helps customers in their omnichannel journeys gain quick answers

M-Files debuts knowledge work enhancements powered by M-Files Aino generative AI

Enables customers to eliminate information chaos, improve process efficiency, and reduce business risk

Acquia’s Digital Asset Management Platform can now integrate with ChatGPT, driving business outcomes in marketing

Native integration for AI-generated product and image descriptions speed time to market for digital assets used across customer channels

Icertis introduces AI-powered contract intelligence solution for government contractors

Addresses unique federal contracting requirements to bolster government compliance, enable competitive advantage, and support revenue growth 

Planview introduces advanced AI assistant to reinvent strategic decision-making

Planview Copilot harnesses the collective intelligence of the enterprise to optimize how organizations bring ideas to impact and de-risk project and product initiatives

Revenue Grid debuts AI suite to reshape the B2B sales space

Leading revenue intelligence platform launches revolutionary AI-driven tools designed to automate sales processes, prevent revenue loss, and optimize outcomes