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Using the power of AI - NICE

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The ability to change and adapt is a marker of success. As economic forces spawn uncertainty, companies must be prepared to swiftly adapt or change their expectations and behaviors to new circumstances. But not so much for the customer - their expectations for faster, better, smoother, more informed experiences, remain high. Businesses must be able to interact and purposefully engage with customers on multiple channels, whenever they want to and do so with immediacy and ease. Therefore, businesses across industries face complex challenges such as: How do we manage interactions that happen everywhere? What are the best ways to invest or train our employees to deliver better CX? And, what can be automated to save time and money?

Solving these challenges while exceeding customer expectations and creating a true competitive advantage is possible using the power of AI (artificial intelligence). Only AI has the processing power to gather and uncover data-driven insights about each customer, at scale, across an organization. Instead of relying on traditional, siloed customer data, AI removes blind spots and finds key insights by analyzing 100% of customer interactions, wherever and whenever they occur. By leveraging the insights from all customer interaction data sources, brands can make data-driven decisions based on the insights and metrics that matter to them. They are then better informed to take decisive action towards meeting customer expectation goals, improving workforce engagement and making investments that align with changing priorities.

NICE’s Enlighten AI helps brands meet these goals with out-of-the-box AI solutions based on the world’s largest, most holistic CX dataset across multiple industries. An array of self-learning AI solutions are embedded across the NICE portfolio, enabling businesses to fulfill a broad range of objectives such as: automating manual tasks like agent summaries; identifying the agent behaviors that influence customer satisfaction for real-time coaching; and improving digital customer experience via conversational data to automate complex customer needs. All of these solutions have a direct impact on organizations’ bottom line, as well as create a better customer and employee experience.

The applicability and benefits of AI-driven solutions to improve CX, reduce costs, and save time are growing exponentially. If you are ready to power perfect CX with Enlighten AI, contact us at www.nice.com/enlighten-ai.

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