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To Bot or not to Bot—how companies can elevate customer experience - KMS Lighthouse

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2022 was a year that many customers have implemented digital channels to empower and elevate their customer experience. Starting in 2023 everyone speaks about ChatGPT that has brought to many of us the hope that bots can be superhuman and help us find the information we need.

AI and machine learning will remain hot topics in 2023 and coming years. KMS Lighthouse for many years has developed a full platform that enables organization employees to find answers to do their work better. Indeed, KMS Lighthouse was honored to be given the KM Promise Award 2022 for providing innovative technology solutions for customers by implementing and integrating knowledge management practices into their business processes. This recognizes KMS Lighthouse’s continued focus on innovation and AI to ensure our customers are delivering the best experience for their employees and customers alike.

This year the focus of customer centric organization is shifting to digital channels. Digital channels will only be as good as your knowledge management and your ability to provide answers. We, at KMS Lighthouse, are helping organizations to achieve the same WOW effect that ChatGPT and other new technologies are achieving. KMS Lighthouse has released a no code Help Center to enables organization to leverage knowledge content for self-service. Leveraging the customer help center will result in:

Reduction of number of calls to the call center

Elevate customer experience via digital channels

Speed to knowledge via instant answers to customers directly.

Improve customer service and SLA

The real question as a result is not if to Bot or Not to Bot but rather how to create a seamless experience for customers and assist them to access accurate and consistent knowledge across all channels quickly and easily.

At KMS Lighthouse, we’re dedicated to helping organizations achieve their goals through innovative knowledge management technology solutions. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help elevate your customer experience, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.  


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