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Bill Priemer, President and CEO, Hyland: Unlock productivity gains and improve the customer experience with a modern content services strategy

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Over the past three decades, Hyland has helped thousands of organizations go paperless. But here in 2020, most organizations recognize that digital transformation entails much more than content capture and management. For many, the key to unlocking productivity gains and improving customer experience lies in embracing a modern content services strategy that leverages low-code application development.

When it comes to creating effective solutions, we have a greater need than ever before for speed, agility and simplification. We need to quickly respond to the demands of our customers and our businesses; to easily adapt to shifting requirements; to quickly create purpose-built solutions without heavy IT involvement; to reduce our reliance on legacy systems and consolidate our technology investments.

These are just a few reasons why more organizations are turning to low-code platforms to create business applications that address a range of needs enterprise-wide. Low-code platforms enable us to quickly put solutions into production and then grow, expand and change them as needed, incorporating new technologies and responding to the latest privacy and compliance regulations. These platforms help consolidate sprawling application landscapes by connecting to the core sys-tems employees use every day. Ultimately, they help us provide end users and customers with better experiences, improving productivity, competitiveness and profitability.

At the same time, we also need the ability to manage and govern an ever-growing influx of data and documents. That’s why it’s critical to combine low-code application development with a comprehensive information and content management strategy.

Equipping organizations to effectively manage informa-tion and build content- and process-enabled solutions has long been a priority for Hyland. With Hyland’s configurable low-code platform, we make our solutions as easy to create and change as possible. We offer an ever-expanding content services toolkit—from capture to CCM to process automation to retention management–and we provide tailored industry solutions, deployable on premises or, increasingly, in the cloud. We continue to invest in developing a powerful, secure, content services platform that scales to support needs across the organization—from HR to accounting to sales and customer service.

As you embark on this new decade, consider the value a low-code, content-enabled platform could bring to your organization. It just may be the next giant leap in your digital transformation journey.

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