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Bill Priemer

President and CEO, Hyland


Bill Priemer is president and CEO of Hyland, creator of OnBase. Preimer joined the company in 1997 as vice president of marketing. He was promoted to vice president of sales and marketing in 2001, named chief operating officer in 2005 and became the company's CEO in January, 2013.

In his role, Priemer oversees all aspects of Hyland's business including the strategy, development and marketing of the OnBase software solution. Under Priemer's lead, Hyland remains razor-focused on its global growth strategy.

Articles by Bill Priemer

Bill Priemer, President and CEO, Hyland: Unlock productivity gains and improve the customer experience with a modern content services strategy

Time to Move Up a Gear

Is your ECM solution stuck in 2005? Many organizations deploy enterprise content management (ECM) solutions with the best of intentions—to digitize all their content, automate their processes, eliminate silos of information and provide access to all. However, the reality is that for most, the initial deployment and training associated with an ECM project is about as far as they get . . . .

We’re Moving to the Cloud—So Where is That Exactly?

The enterprise view of cloud is changing. The majority of conversation around cloud used to focus on security—with skeptics claiming the cloud was too insecure a place for an enterprise to place its data, processes and trust. But that hurdle, while still on the agenda, is no longer top of the list. That accolade now rests with the subject of data locale. . . .

Five Questions to Ask When Integrating Content with Business Processes

Five Questions to Ask When Integrating Content with Business Processes By Bill Priemer, COO, Hyland Software, Inc. There was a time when enterprise content management (ECM) solutions were simply focused on getting control of the avalanche of physical and electronic documents...

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