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What Is a Content Rulebook? (Video)

Video produced by Steve Nathans-Kelly

Content rulebooks are, essentially, a collection of tools, that can be used to document the details about  the objects that are being managed in a system, whether those are products, services, or the mission of the work, explained Jason Hein, director, delivery services, Earley Information Science, during his presentation on internal content rulebooks at KMWorld 2019. 

"These tools are things that exist to capture documents, institutionalize those details, that tribal knowledge of the things, the services that your firm is responsible for selling or doing or managing," said Hein. "But it has to go a little bit beyond that, it has to go beyond just the what it is, because users of your systems and tools care about more than just what it is. They want to know how the things that you manage are grouped, how they are defined, how they are related to each other, how they are described."

As KM professionals dealing with oher members of an organization, it is important to remember that people may not be familiar with terms like  taxonomy or attribution schemas, Hein said. "So when I'm talking to folks like that, it's very important that we break this down and make sure that they understand. When we talk about how their products are grouped, hey, that's where taxonomy can come in. How your products are defined, how do you tell the different between one product and another? That's attribution. How your products relate to each other, are these related products, are they required? Do you have to buy one to sell the other? Does one lead to the other, is it replacement products? That's relationships."

Hein added, "When I use the term 'enrichments,' I'm talking about the storytelling. I'm talking about things like copy and text and images and video and all of the things that a lot of people typically house within a DAM [digital asset management system]. Those are sort of the four basic components that I work with with most of my clients."

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