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Tips to optimize Office 365 - KMW Webcasts KMWorld Live

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Office 365, OneDrive, and SharePoint Online are vital resources in many enterprise digital workplaces. However, knowledge management leaders can struggle when it comes to protection and governance of these platforms.

KMWorld recently held a webinar with Amy Dugdale, principal product manager, Enterprise Vault.cloud, Veritas; Brad Vincent, senior product marketing manager, Veritas; Stacie Poon, principal product manager, SaaS Backup, Veritas; and Anna Simpson, principal product manager, Information Studio, Veritas, who discussed key considerations surrounding the analysis, preservation, and data discovery for Office 365 and other Microsoft platforms.

Office 365 provides key benefits such as the ability to work from anywhere at any time on any device, improved collaboration among geographically dispersed workforces, and support for increased productivity through cloud-based platform, the Veritas team said.

However, the platform comes with a few pitfalls, the presenters explained. Office 365 needs disaster recovery protection from ransomware attacks; all messages reside within the same platform and architecture, offering a single point of failure; the platform suffers from a lack of visualization; it needs to be compliant and offer e-discovery; and needs to offer support for legacy environments.

The team suggested creating a backup for Office 365 data because Office 365 doesn’t keep deleted items for long, Office 365 doesn’t protect users from ransomware; litigation hold is not a practical backup; Office 365 doesn’t offer a second copy of data; and Office 365 restore features fall short.

Because digital transformation is changing expectations and experiences, people expect more in general, and particularly in terms of customization, speed, and simplicity.

The team suggested Veritas SaaS backup for Office 365. The platform includes data protection for Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint Online, Groups & Teams; gives users role-based access control; has a quick set-up process; and more.

To make it easier to act on large sets of data, Information Studio can be a companion to Office 365. That solution offers unified information intelligence with clear visibility, targeted analysis, and informed action.

Enterprise Vault.cloud is also a complementary service for Office 365, the Veritas team said. It offers the following capabilities:

♦ Confidently journal messages to EV.cloud (guaranteed immutability)

♦ Capture and search non-MS content sources

♦ Rapidly run discovery searches and return near-instant results

♦ Place legal holds instantaneously—no 60-minute+ wait times and no risk of deletion

♦ Simplified migration if you decide to leave O365 at some point

♦ No hidden administrative costs

♦ Use of Technical Account Manager, which serves as single point of contact.

A list of archived webcasts and upcoming web events is available at www.kmworld.com/Webinars.

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