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As digital information continues to grow at breakneck speed, a new generation of content services is revolutionizing how businesses approach enterprise content management (ECM).

Today’s organizations are teeming with diverse types of content, as well as different types of users, use cases, and requirements.

Through automation, machine learning, and AI, content services are building upon the foundation of ECM systems to facilitate better information access, sharing, and collaboration. This revolution is not only about new technologies but also new ways of thinking about information management. The traditional approach to EMC is no longer enough.

KMWorld recently presented a webinar featuring Paul Hampton, senior director of product marketing, Alfresco, who explained how to take content management to the next level.

More than 80% of business information is locked in unstructured content, Hampton explained. Even in the age of “digital transformation,” much of this information originates from analog formats where structure can vary greatly.

Alfresco Intelligent Systems can integrate with AWS AI Services, which can provide the following capabilities:

♦ Extraction of insights about the content of documents

♦ Extraction of textual context and analysis from images/videos

♦ Extraction of text and data from scanned documents

Alfreso, paired with AWS, also offers BI capabilities, including intelligent automation and content insight.

Use cases that will benefit from this solution include the following:

♦ Loan application processing

♦ Claims and case processing

♦ Application processing

♦ Discovery and litigation

♦ Media management

♦ Onboarding

♦ Medical and personnel records

♦ Government records and archives

AI and machine learning can monitor and analyze large amounts of data, freeing up knowledge workers to focus on value-added tasks, Hampton said.

A list of archived webcasts and upcoming web events is available at www.kmworld.com/Webinars.

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