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Skoal! To the health of document integration

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One of the largest brewers in the United Kingdom has launched new software to help manage its businessdocuments more efficiently.

Carlsberg-Tetley, whose brands include Tetley’s Bitter, Carlsberg Lager, Carlsberg Export, Castlemaine XXXX, Calders Premium Cream Beer and Skol, is implementing a solution from IXOS to help archive and retrieve business information within its SAP R/3 environment. One reason Carlsberg-Tetley chose the software was its ability to migrate the company’s legacy data, according to Steve Horner, IT services director at Carlsberg-Tetley. Horner says that future plans to streamline business processes further will benefit from the scalability and functionality of the new system.

The first phase of the project will provide 1,100 employees with a single point of access to business documents. Among the first to benefit will be the Northampton, England, headquarters; the telesales operation based in Leeds, also in England; and 21 geographically dispersed distribution depots. The mobile sales force will be the next to benefit, in the second phase of the implementation.

Carlsberg-Tetley wanted employees to have instant access to information that is critical to its day-to-day operations, and decided that a United Kingdom-wide implementation would streamline customer service and reduce turnaround time. For example, proof of delivery documents—essential to the distribution of Carlsberg-Tetley’s products to vendors and suppliers—can be readily tracked down now to respond to customer inquiries or to use in financial processes.

Carlsberg-Tetley Brewing is a subsidiary of the Danish company Carlsberg Breweries A/S. It operates two breweries, in Northampton and Leeds, and employs more than 2,800

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