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Montgomery County attacks data problems with infoShark

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The most populous jurisdiction in Maryland is using an XML-based system to streamline administrative and procurement processes.

Montgomery County has implemented XMLShark from infoShark to integrate data across a host of community services and programs.

With 855,000 citizens, the county manages many programs and services that use multiple databases to store and disseminate information. The community service programs alone generate hundreds of computer transactions each day. The new system will provide seamless data integration with a single point of access, reducing the time and expense spent searching for information and improving service delivery, according to a recent press release from infoShark.

“We’re always looking for ways to streamline program administration,” says Ken Goldman, application manager at Montgomery County’s e-government office. “With the new XML-based technology, we can integrate our systems and greatly reduce the time it takes to develop and execute procurement procedures. Now we will be able to serve our citizens better, faster and less expensively.”

InfoShark claims it offers the only software product that uses XML to automate data exchange between the proprietary systems of Oracle, IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server for use over the Internet, intranets and extranets. As such, it saves users hand-coding and programming time, increasing productivity and reducing integration expenses by more than half, infoShark says.

“Montgomery County is committed to serving its citizens,” Goldman adds. “Our Web site is a great example of services we offer residents where they can go to take care of government business either at work or at home. The addition of the XML-based technology will give us the tools we need to update our services and help us meet our future goals.”

The Web site seemingly offers detailed information on every county-related topic imaginable, and is divided into five main areas: eGov Guide, eGov Payment Center, eGov Online Store and eGov Services. If, for example, you are called for jury duty, you can click on Jury Duty under the eGov Guide and learn how you get to the courthouse, where you park, how you were chosen, even what you should wear, what you should expect when you enter the courtroom, and the answers to more common questions.

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