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KMWorld 100 COMPANIES That Matter in Knowledge Management

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As knowledge management evolves, so does our list of 100 Companies That Matter in KM. Featuring basic imaging technology when we first published it years ago, the list has expanded to include a galaxy of technologies and capabilities to meet the knowledge needs of a mobile workforce. Whether the designated companies specialize in collaborative, cloud or cognitive computing or a host of other categories, their solutions represent the best in innovation, creativity and functionality.

As the definition of knowledge management has changed over the years, so too has the list, including both familiar companies that have appeared multiple times and first-time recipients of the coveted designation. New or well known, all the companies offer solutions designed to help users and customers find what they need whenever and wherever they need it … and what they need is the ability to access, analyze and share crucial knowledge.

This year our judging panel, consisting of colleagues, analysts, theorists and practitioners, worked long and hard to compile the list of 100 companies whose products and services best meet the needs of our readership.


We encourage you to visit the websites of this year’s list. Beginning on page 23 KMWorld Volume 25, Issue 3 and following this article, you can hear from some of the companies themselves in the View From the Top section. Here, CEOs and other top officials share their vision of the knowledge economy and how their solutions allow their customers to reach their goals.

  • AbbyyArtificial intelligence technologies and solutions that capture, translate, extract and transform information into accessible, useful knowledge.
  • AccellionEnterprise-class, secure file sharing solutions for mobile-enabled organizations.
  • AccessDataStandalone and enterprise-grade solutions that enable digital investigations, including computer forensics, incident response, legal review, IP theft, compliance auditing and information assurance.
  • Access InnovationsInformation management and database construction products and services. To Learn more, read Marjorie Hlava and Jay Van Eman's View From the Top.
  • AccusoftA full spectrum of content viewing, control and collaboration solutions. To Learn more, read Jack Berlin, Founder, President & CEO's View From the Top.
  • Adlib SoftwareAutomated conversion of content within business processes for document-intensive organizations. To Learn more, read Peter Duff, President & CEO's View From the Top.
  • AkuminaSoftware platform that improves the way users work with Microsoft SharePoint and its data.
  • AllegroGraph - Franz Inc.Database technology that enables businesses to extract decision insights and predictive analytics from highly complex distributed data.
  • AppianBusiness process management software, including solutions for mobile devices, cloud computing and social business.
  • ApteanIndustry-specific solutions to address business challenges.
  • ASG Software SolutionsVendor-agnostic cloud, content and systems software for reducing costs, enhancing workforce productivity and ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • AtlassianTracking, collaboration, communication, service management and development solutions.
  • AttensityText analytics solutions to help companies discover customer insights in real time.
  • AttivioSoftware to enable customers to access the right data for making better informed decisions.
  • AvePointSoftware that migrates, manages, and protects Office 365 and SharePoint Data. To Learn more, readDr. Tianyi (TJ) Jiang Co-CEO and Co-Founder's View From the Top.
  • BA InsightSoftware that quickly connects SharePoint users  to the knowledge they need—linking key enterprise systems with a software portfolio that is easy-to-implement, use and upgrade.
  • Bamboo SolutionsProvider of products for SharePoint, including solutions for project, process, community and knowledge management.
  • BloomfireCloud-based software for social learning, customer service and sales and marketing alignment.
  • BP LogixBusiness process management solutions to enable rapid workflow app development.
  • BrainSpaceMachine learning language platform to power information and discovery applications.
  • Cambridge SemanticsEnterprise analytics and data management to enable customers to build interactive, real-time smart data solutions. To Learn more, read Alok Prasad President's View From the Top.
  • ClarabridgeCustomer experience management solutions powered by sentiment and text analytics.
  • ClarizenCollaborative work management software bringing together project management, workflow automation and in-context collaboration.
  • CodifydSoftware to help B2B and B2C e-commerce companies meet the demands of the digital commerce marketplace.
  • Colligo NetworksMobile content management solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, Office 365 and OneDrive for Business.
  • ComintelliInformation access software focusing on solutions for knowledge management and competitive intelligence.
  • Concept SearchingSemantic metadata generation, auto-classification and taxonomy management solutions.
  • ConnotateScalable Web content extraction software to deliver information to business users. To Learn more, read Rich Kennelly CEO's View From the Top.
  • Content Analyst CompanyAnalytics software to expedite the discovery of relevant correlations and insight in unstructured content repositories in any language.
  • CoveoModular and scalable enterprise search platform that indexes information stored in various repositories throughout the enterprise.
  • DatawatchManaged analytics platform that brings together self-service data preparation with visual data discovery.To Learn more, read Michael Morrison,  President & CEO's View From the Top.
  • e-SignLiveProvider of automated business transaction support that requires secure, compliant and enforceable electronic signatures.
  • Earley Information ScienceServices to help organizations mine data and harvest contextual insights for stronger business outcomes.
  • eGainOn-premise or cloud software for knowledge-powered, multichannel sales and service. To Learn more, read Ashu Roy, Chairman & CEO's View From the Top.
  • EMC Enterprise Content Division/DocumentumECM applications, solutions, and services that unlock the value of content and enable digital transformation. To Learn more, read Rohit Ghai, President's View From the Top.
  • EmpolisCreation, management, analysis and intelligent processing of all relevant information for a company, regardless of producer, source, format, application, user, location or device. To Learn more, read Dr. Stefan Wess, CEO's View From the Top.
  • Enterprise Knowledge, LLCConsulting services in the areas of knowledge and information management, application development and project management. To Learn more, read Zach Wahl CEO's View From the Top.
  • EverteamSolutions to help enterprises build and manage content-driven processes to support new ways of working and drive business results.
  • Expert SystemSoftware that understands the meaning of written language in multiple languages based on technology that employs millions of definitions, concepts and relationships. To Learn more, read Daniel Mayer, CEO's View From the Top.
  • FeithBusiness process management, records management and enterprise content management solutions.
  • FTI Consulting/TechnologySolutions for e-discovery and information governance needs.
  • Fujitsu Computer Products of AmericaDocument caption solutions and services for business and personal environments.
  • Hitachi ConsultingSolutions designed for operation performance to help achieve mission-critical processes.
  • HP/HPESolutions for the “new style of IT,” with end-to-end solutions in cloud, big data, security and mobility.
  • HuddleCloud solution for secure collaboration and project management.
  • Hyland, creator of OnbaseEnterprise information platform for managing content, processes and cases. To Learn more, read Bill Priemer, President & CEO's View From the Top.
  • IBMComplete portfolio of enterprise content technologies and solutions.
  • iCONECTLegal review software and services that empower legal teams to complete complex review projects more cost effectively.
  • IDERADatabase lifecycle management solutions that allow database and IT professionals to design, monitor and manage data systems in the cloud or on premises.
  • Igloo SoftwareEnterprise social software to connect people in businesses, share information and work together more efficiently.
  • IHSSolutions to provide access to actionable intelligence for expedited and improved decision making.
  • IncentiveSocially powered enterprise collaboration platform to help teams achieve improved profitability, increased efficiency and accelerated business results.
  • IngeniuxDigital content and collaboration platform, providing Web content management, enterprise portal, intranet, extranet and online community software.
  • IntegrifyRobust, lean and flexible business process and request management solutions.
  • IntelliResponsePlatform designed for customers and service agents to ask questions in natural language.
  • IrrevoCustomer support solutions to help create happy and loyal customers.
  • Jive SoftwareProvider of modern communication and collaboration solutions for business.
  • K2Software to build and run business applications, including forms, workflow, data and reports.
  • Kaleo SoftwareEnterprise cloud platform for capturing and sharing employee expertise.
  • kCuraWeb-based e-discovery applications for managing large volumes of electronic evidence during litigation or investigations.
  • KMS lighthouseBig data customer experience solutions designed to provide precise answers to customer questions.
  • LexmarkEnterprise software and services to remove the inefficiencies of information silos and disconnected processes.
  • LinguamaticsHealth science-focused natural language processing solutions for knowledge discovery, information extraction and decision support.
  • Magnitude SoftwareSolutions for business intelligence, data warehousing, master data management, reporting and analytics.
  • MarkLogicAgile enterprise NoSQL database platform to enable organizations to turn data into actionable information.
  • MetalogixUnified management software to migrate, manage and secure content across enterprise collaboration platforms in the cloud and on premises.
  • MicroPactPlatform for dynamic case management and business process management with fully integrated document management, natural language analytics and mobile modules.
  • MicrosoftComplete software solutions for home and office.
  • MindbreezeEnterprise search, information access and data cognition. To Learn more, read Daniel Fallman, Founder & CEO's View From the Top.
  • NICE SystemsSolutions to operationalize big data to improve business performance and efficiency, prevent financial crime, and ensure compliance and security.
  • OpenTextEnterprise information management solutions for BPM, CRM, SCM and ERP applications.
  • OracleCloud-centric enterprise solutions, with native cloud applications and public cloud business model.
  • ParascriptSolutions to extract meaningful, contextual data from image and document-based information to support transactions, information governance, fraud prevention and business processes.
  • RAMPMedia content platform for companies across a wide range of industries to manage live and on-demand video and audio content.
  • RAVNArtificial intelligence, enterprise search, unstructured big data and knowledge management solutions.
  • RaytionEnterprise search and corporate communications solutions.
  • RightAnswersCloud-based KM, Web and mobile self-service and social knowledge solutions.
  • Rivet LogicSolutions to help enterprises build digital experiences through open source and cloud-based software. To Learn more, read Mike Vertal, President & CEO's View From the Top.
  • Rocket SoftwareEnterprise solutions for business information and analytics; storage, networks and compliance; application development, integration and modernization; and database servers and tools.
  • RSDSolutions for information governance, output management, and document archiving and retrieval.
  • SDLIntegrated cloud solution for digital experiences, knowledge content delivery, customer analytics and language.
  • Search TechnologiesEnterprise search and big data analytics solutions provider.
  • SearchBlox SoftwareEnterprise search and text analytics technology.
  • Semantic Web CompanySemantic information management to extract meaning from big data by making use of linked data technologies.
  • Sherpa SoftwareInformation governance and e-discovery solutions provider.
  • SinequaUnified information access platform to all textual and database data, supported by analytics. To Learn more, read Alexandre Bilger CEO's View From the Top.
  • SitecoreCustomer experience management solutions to deliver relevant content and personalized digital experiences.
  • SmartlogicContent intelligence to find value in content and empower business intelligence.
  • SpringCMSecure cloud platform that manages contracts and all types of documents seamlessly across desktop, mobile and partner applications.
  • Summit 7 SystemsPlanning, designing and deploying collaboration and unified communications solutions.  To Learn more, read Scott Edwards President & Managing Partner's View From the Top.
  • SwiftypeHosted search solution that lets site owners deliver customizable search for their website or mobile app with just a few lines of code.
  • SynapticaTaxonomy management and ontology software.
  • TallyfoxBusiness ecosystem platform created to facilitate knowledge sharing, content management and communication.
  • TIBCOTechnology to integrate business applications and ecosystems, analyze data and create real-time solutions.
  • TransversalDynamic knowledge solutions for customer-facing websites and contact centers.
  • Vanguard SoftwareForecasting and optimization software through advanced analytics focusing on predictive technologies.
  • VerintActionable intelligence solutions for customer engagement optimization, security intelligence, fraud, risk and compliance. To Learn more, read Elan Moriah President's View From the Top.
  • VirtualWorksEnterprise search and indexing platform that helps extract value from data by understanding human-generated content.
  • ZapprovedCloud-based solutions to give corporate legal teams control over their e-discovery processes.
  • ZL TechnologiesCorporate archiving software for e-discovery, records management, regulatory compliance, corporate governance and storage management.

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