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Connotate, Inc., Rich Kennelly, CEO: View From the Top

This article appears in the issue March 2016 (100 Companies) [Volume 25, Issue 3]

The amount of web content continues to explode, creating unprecedented opportunities. By harvesting web content, information providers are delivering exciting new offerings and driving significant new revenue streams. Enterprises also reap huge benefits, as they turn the web’s big data into competitive and market insights.

Every day at Connotate, we see organizations aggressively targeting web content. The main reason they do this is to enhance the capabilities of their existing intelligence and information services. However, nearly as many want to start entirely new businesses using web data.

Tapping into this huge resource requires advanced web harvesting technology—legacy approaches just don’t work. Collecting web content manually doesn’t scale. Basic web scraping tools are indiscriminate and can’t tell what’s changed. Custom scripts are more precise, but they’re hugely expensive to program and maintain.

The pain of these legacy approaches is clear. Most organizations want to automate existing manual extraction processes. Many also want a standard web data extraction approach, rather than relying on fragile custom scripts. Change detection is also high on their agenda. Above all, they want automated solutions where they can add a volume and breadth of data sources in the least possible time.

At Connotate, we deliver the advanced web harvesting technology these organizations demand. Together, we’re unlocking the web’s potential, turning a deluge of raw content into accurate, high-value data that’s fueling the future of intelligence and information services.

Connotate, Inc.
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