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With a new year come shifts in KM that will bring new challenges and opportunities. A recent KMWorld webinar featured Kamran Khan, managing director of search and content analytics, Accen­ture Applied Intel­ligence; David Seuss, chief executive officer, Northern Light Group; and Sunny Manivannan, VP of market­ing, Gu, who discussed predic­tions for 2019.

Khan believes AI will evolve to help organizations sift through unstructured content because traditional search is no longer enough. What is needed moving forward is a com­bination of cognitive search fueled by AI technologies such as machine learn­ing and NLP to extract knowledge and insights from the data to return more relevant and complete results.

Increasingly, knowl­edge management is about delivering curated insights to audiences browsing to content across many chan­nels, said Seuss. “Search is evolving to have an in-depth understanding of the searched material.” Using machine learning, search is now able to distinguish not just what is relevant to a search query but also what is important for the user to know; summarize the import­ant insights in the documents relevant to a user’s interests; and learn what each user cares about and find the relevant material without being asked.

Manivannan sees three trends on the horizon: eliminating the need to search, AI’s transformation of customer support into a revenue generator, and AI enabling organizations to do their best work.

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