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DAM Roundup

Organizations are confronted with a flood of rich media content—generated within and outside the business--that is becoming increasingly important to manage. Marketers now demand a solution that can manage, reuse and collaborate with these critical business assets, including videos, audio content, podcasts, user-generated content, online advertising and other new media.

Here’s a sampler of the newest products that serve the digital asset management (DAM) market.

ADAM 4.5

New version—ADAM 4.5— adds:

  • New customization topics in the development guide that let you choose your own media converter.
  • Site-specific maintenance management now built in.
  • Flexible classification security—the ability to break the inheritance of classification security. User can set up complex permission structures on taxonomy.
  • Enhanced full-text indexing.
  • Enhanced processing of complex Adobe Illustrator files.

ADAM Software

Autonomy Virage MediaBin

Virage MediaBin’s (previously known as Interwoven MediaBin) video and speech analytics technology enables the automated encoding, indexing and retrieval of audio and video files. Users of Virage MediaBin can now take advantage of Autonomy’s IDOL “meaning-based computing” technology to search the full transcript of any audio or video via a Web interface.

Autonomy Virage

EMC Documentum Digital Asset Manager

The EMC Documentum Digital Asset Manager supports the storage of various content types, including documents, HTML, XML, images and multimedia files. Integrates with Microsoft Outlook, content creation tools such as Microsoft Office, Corel WordPerfect, Adobe FrameMaker and CAD.

Features: Thumbnail/loupe display, active preview, file transformation, collections  and collaboration support.

EMC Documentum

North Plains TeleScope Video Manager

New version provides a media asset management (MAM) system—incorporating DAM—that secures and enables access to assets through an easy-to-use interface. Features: Ability to create all forms of video, including long form, short form and video for Web use; integrates with third-party digital editing suites; asset tracking—versioning, including check-in and check-out; automated file migration, replication and distribution; and video annotation using customizable logging templates.

North Plains

Nstein Digital Asset Management

Nstein’s DAM allows an asset to be represented in a single system, regardless of where the asset was created.


  • Creates a consistent, reusable representation of all related assets.
  • Embeds text mining engine into DAM.

Once content is centralized, normalized and enriched, it is possible to have a macroscopic understanding of content assets.


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