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DAM Roundup

Open Text Artesia DAM

Web service interfaces allow interoperability with both .NET and Java clients; enhanced video logging and transcoding, improved video review; new video export facility (via asynchronous export) leverages templates that store pre-configured parameters; and broadcast video storage and manipulation now fully integrated.

Artesia On Demand is a fully hosted solution.

Open Text

Oracle UCM: Digital Asset Management

Allows users to:

  • Automate the creation of thumbnails and renditions, convert high-resolution assets into Web-friendly formats and storyboard video to help select key scenes.
  • Categorize and share digital assets across content management applications.
  • Reduce manual costs by automatically creating renditions.
  • Have out-of-the-box support for Oracle and third-party repositories, security and enterprise applications.


The FeedRoom 4.0 Enterprise Video Platform (EVP)

Manage all aspects of creating, managing, delivering and measuring online video communications. EVP integrates with existing CMS and ECM platforms, network security standards and popular tools for Web reporting and analytics. ClearStory Systems’ (acquired by The FeedRoom) ActiveMedia DAM enables organizations to integrate, manage and deliver their digital media assets in a single system.

The FeedRoom

Widen Digital Asset Management

Each DAM site can be configured with different search functionalities. Only assets the user has permission to view will be returned in the search results.

“Quick search” searches across the file name and metadata on all assets. “Category tree” can be defined; users can navigate to select assets to browse. “Field search” refines search results. All the metadata fields can be searched. “What’s new” returns assets that have been recently added or updated.


Xinet’s Video 3.0 for WebNative

Users access video files from a Web browser to search, view, annotate, approve, distribute and create video reels within a secure environment. Users can add comments to key frames. Automatically creates a series of low-resolution versions. Video Reel Generator plug-in allows users to create new videos by repurposing segments of other videos, PDFs, QuarkXPress or Adobe documents and images.


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