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AI 50 Trailblazer: NICE - Removing Friction in the Customer Experience with AI

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Today’s digital age is defined by increasingly complex customer expectations. There are more and more channels and ways for customers to communicate with brands—and customers expect brands to deliver more personalized, faster services on the channels of their choice at any given time.

Engaging with customers when, where and how they want is, in fact, possible with Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI can not only help provide a more frictionless customer service experience but also generate insights from customer data to continually improve the overall customer experience (CX). Brands that leverage AI well are raising the customer service bar-not just in their own industry but across all industry segments. Understanding and applying CX data across all customer interactions is how brands must continue to exceed customer expectations and create a true competitive advantage.

NICE Enlighten AI uses AI and machine learning technology to help brands deliver exceptional CX by meeting customers on the channel of their choice and infusing those interactions with data and insights, based upon billions of historical customer interactions across many industries. Enlighten AI measures 100% of all interactions on all channels to successfully analyze every second of every conversation to provide deeper clarity and understanding of customer needs.

With hundreds of pre-built AI models embedded natively across the NICE CXone customer experience platform and ready-made solutions that deliver immediate impact, Enlighten AI injects intelligence and personalization into every step of the customer journey to remove friction at scale.

Enlighten AI makes the entire contact center smarter via objective analysis of every customer interaction datapoint. Brands are orchestrating dynamic journeys using this holistic CX data to predict the next-best step and ideal agent match for optimized outcomes with a personal touch. They are also building smart self-service faster than ever by training virtual agents using the optimal conversations from top-performing human agents. And when some of the more complex interactions are handled by human agents, Enlighten AI assists with real-time behavioral guidance and just-in-time knowledge recommendations to provide solutions.

Brands are setting the bar high with AI-driven insights and differentiating their service at every touchpoint in the CX journey. If you are ready to power perfect CX with Enlighten AI, contact us at www.nice.com/enlighten-ai.

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