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4 Guiding Principles of Knowledge Governance (Video)

Video produced by Steve Nathans-Kelly

The Land Title & Survey Authority of British Columbia ((LTSA) implemented a multi-year, multi-phase KM plan to deliver responsive and trusted expertise to customers and employees as the source of land registry and land information services in British Columbia.

Land Title & Survey Authority of British Columbia (LTSA) policy manager Lisa Poeckert discussed the principles the LTSA applied in building its data governance model during her presentation at KMWorld 2019.

"We have four guiding principles for governance," said Poeckert, noting that the first is customer centricity. "This is very popular in public sector right now and it's very important for, for the, the LTSA's strategy. What this is is really putting yourself in the customer's shoes. We want them to have the knowledge and education they need, as well as considering how our changes will impact them, and enhance usability. We want to make information more reliable, useful, and usable, and get it to the right people, in the right amount, at the right time, and we also want to optimize and streamline our processes to represent the employee's perspective."

The approach goes hand in hand with customer centricity, said Poeckert. "Employees can be considered our customers in terms of knowledge as well, and so what we want to do is put ourselves in the employees' shoes, and seek organizational alignment. This is all around connecting knowledge management with the broader strategy of the LTSA. We want to make sure that we're aligned with the different initiatives in the LTSA, and creating a unified culture."

Describing the high-level governance model, Poecker said the KM network is really everyone, everyone in the organization and possibly, some  external stakeholders as well. "We want everybody to be aware of it, to use knowledge, and continue to engage with the rest of the governance model. The Core Team is made up of the people that do the day-to-day work on this, and they're also the knowledge champions. The KM Steering Committee, which we have established, consists of four executives right now. They make the high-level strategic decisions around resourcing, and funding, and any other strategic decisions that need to be made."

To access the full session, go to Full session: A203. KM: Customer Service Driver in the Public Service

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