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3 Key Themes for KM in 2020 and Beyond (Video)

Video produced by Steve Nathans-Kelly

Imagine partnerships with key areas of your organization working together to build a new innovative KM program. At KMWorld 2019, Kim Glover, TechnipFMC director, knowledge management, shared her vision for a KM-learning-talent partnership that does just that.

There are three key themes that might be important for all of us as we go into 2020 and beyond as KMers, said Glover. "One of them is we have to embrace technology. It's been with us since the beginning. Well, not so much really in the early '90s, but it is comin' on like a freight train, and it is never gonna stop, it's accelerating. Do you agree? Breathtaking speed? Okay, good, I'm seeing some nodding, that's good, you're with me."

The second is to "love people," because KM is first, last, always, and forever more about people, Glover said. "People are the reason we do what we do. We talk about business value and all that, but it's people who use knowledge management tools and strategies, and people who will make them work or not."

And then finally, the third one is flexibility. "I learned this from my KM friend Dan Flynn from Nalco. Your start game is never your end game in knowledge management. Sometimes, your start game in KM at the beginning of the week is not the same as your end game at the end of the week. Those are some of the weeks we live through as we go through mergers and acquisitions, and I won't say anymore about that, but you can imagine anything you want."

To access Glover's full session, go to A303. KM Program for 2020 & Beyond.

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