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2017 KMWorld Promise and Reality award finalists: KM Promise Award

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Dezide—Its intelligent troubleshooting solution captures, organizes and optimizes expert knowledge and makes it accessible to everyone everywhere. Dezide Advisor is self-learning, self-optimizing and based on Bayesian networks. The Dezide Guide Engine enables users to define complex workflows capable of providing optimal solution suggestions. The technology makes it easy to add troubleshooting capability as a component in a web service-connected environment. Dezide allows everyone to become an expert at resolving issues at every entry point from customer to R&D. It helps clients make sure that they keep valuable knowledge inside the organization, that technicians fix problems the first time and don’t travel in vain, that problems are fixed properly and that customers remain happy and loyal because expert knowledge is available to them.

eClerx Services—eClerx Market Intelligence is an end-to-end automated solution that enables seamless harvesting of relevant information from a variety of online and offline sources, standardization of information into structured and readily usable formats, matching and tagging of information using APIs and machine learning, and visualization of information into highly customizable reports consumable through a cloud-based reporting platform. The solution also offers customers targeted intelligence and actionable inputs that can be leveraged by stakeholders into key business decisions and strategy formulation for pricing, product positioning, assortment designing, anomaly detection, campaign formulation, promotion designing and many other requirements of a digitally enabled business. eClerx Market Intelligence has a scalable infrastructure that allows short ramp-up time to ensure seamless transition/setup. With its proprietary data harvesting platform, eClerx tracks approximately 4,000 e-commerce websites and captures 1.2 billion data points per month.

Nanorep by LogMeIn—Nanorep by LogMeIn provides virtual assistants and smart bot solutions technologies for customer service and e-commerce. It harnesses white box artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities combined with patented natural language processing (NLP) technology to create ready-to-use, simple-to-deploy solutions designed to make self-service engaging, intuitive and conversational. It centralizes company knowledge and ensures that communications contain consistent messaging and information. It also offers the ability to easily update resources across channels in real time, ensuring that information shared through customer support resources remains consistent—whether accessed via web self-service, mobile apps, email, chat, social media or any other engagement platform. The technology identifies knowledge gaps and allows easy fixes by content managers. With consumer expectations for immediacy and accuracy increasing, Nanorep’s intelligent knowledge management capabilities give companies the edge they need to meet customers’ high standards for support. Winner of the 2017 KM Promise Award.

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