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10 Facets of KM (Video)

Video produced by Steve Nathans-Kelly

What are the core programs and processes that organizations need to start a KM program? With these foundations, what additions are needed for an enhanced and fully operative KM program? At KMWorld 2019, Kim Glover, TechnipFMP director, knowledge management, discussed Dr. Denise Bedford's "10 Facets of KM," and how to bring KM into the future.

"Sometimes we feel like technology is this giant foot that's about to land on KMers, and we don't know what to do. There's AI, there's basically auto-everything, there's machine learning, and there's stuff that just ain't my tech. It's not that I'm against, it's just not mine, I don't want it, I'm going to resist it," Glover said. "Well, it's everywhere, and it's time for us to embrace it, right? As the myriad of these technologies come in, I know some of us worry: What is the role of the human in knowledge management when these machine can do things that previously we used to do? We used to curate, we used to tag. They perform functions that we used to perform," she said.

"Anybody in the audience know Dr. Denise Bedford?" asked Glover. "She's a marvelous woman, she's an academic, she's written a lot about KM, she's doing a series of six educational books right now, and she has laid out the 10 Facets of KM. Now, you can argue about them, but it's a pretty good structure, and in fact I use it every time I need to create a new job description."

According to Glover, technology represents only three of those facets. "All of the rest of them are about people. People, because it is always, always, always about people. We have to love people to bring KM into the future."

To access the full session, go to A102. Building on a KM Program.

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