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March/April 2024 (100 Companies) [Volume 33, Issue 2]

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Gain the AI-experience advantage - Coveo

Coveo powers the digital experiences of the world's most innovative brands: serving millions of people and billions of interactions. After a decade of enriching our market-leading platform with forward-thinking global enterprises, we know what it takes to gain a trusted AI-experience advantage.

Knowledge Management and Generative AI: BFFs that Assure Mutual Success - eGain

The symbiosis between Gen AI and KM is powerful. Without robust KM, Gen AI remains a prototype. Without Gen AI, KM struggles with building and maintaining knowledge in a fast-changing operation.

Delivers enterprise-level solutions that solve real world business problems - Enterprise Knowledge

Enterprise Knowledge is unique in the KM community, not just as the largest, but also as the firm that uniquely brings together the field of KM with Data, Content, Learning, IT, and others to deliver enterprise-level solutions that solve real world business problems.

The Rising Intelligence of Documents: From Human Hands to AI Brains - Foxit

The future of documents is a future where information flows freely, collaboration thrives, and documents become intelligent partners in creation. Foxit Software is a leading provider of innovative PDF solutions, delivering secure, high-quality, and cost-effective software products to enable digital transformation and simplify PDF document management.

The Synergy of Knowledge Management Systems and LLMs in Enhancing Organizational Experiences - KMS Lighthouse

Knowledge management systems play a pivotal role in organizations. They are designed to organize, store, retrieve, and share information efficiently. 2024 will be the year highlighting the importance of combining knowledge management systems and LLMs. This is why it's important to highlight what the two technologies provide and the benefit from a combined solution.

Three Keys to Generative AI in KM for Enterprise Business Research - Northern Light

Organizations can't just drop ChatGPT into an enterprise KM system. In fact, there are several keys to effectively implementing generative AI in an enterprise application for business research.

Go Beyond Just Integrating Data: Discover the Meaning Behind Your Data - Progress Software Corporation

With Semaphore, organizations get an enterprise scalable, business-oriented, feature-rich solution that allows them to generate and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately. It's a collaborative software product, where various stakeholders participate in model development to enhance buy-in from subject matter experts.

AI you can TRUST - Servicing the next generation of AI solutions - Semantic Web Company

The challenges of modern data, content, and knowledge management in companies are no longer just about data volume. The PoolParty Knowledge Hub, backed by semantic technologies, provides a comprehensive solution for the further development of existing knowledge infrastructure.

Do you know the basics underlying every AI system? - Access innovation

AI systems are baked into our everyday lives at this point, but do you know the basics underlying every AI system? One thing required for any AI: an expert system. An expert system has two components: a knowledge or rules base and an inference engine.

Revolutionize your approach to data analysis and advanced AI development - Franz

AllegroGraph is the industry's first Neuro-Symbolic AI Platform, adept at tackling complex problems through efficient learning and reasoning. The seamless fusion of Machine Learning and reasoning capabilities within AllegroGraph offers decisions that are not only impactful but also transparent and explainable.

AI is Search and everything - MC + A

A responsive and relevant search infrastructure is a requirement for any AI solution, without it, you are wasting any organizational AI investment. The capabilities that AI and LLMs offer were not possible just a few years ago. But these capabilities are only impactful if you successfully integrate them into your processes and data.

Driving Digital Transformation with Knowledge Work Automation and Gen AI - M-Files

Knowledge work automation has the power to maximize ROI, drive efficiencies, and boost employee satisfaction. With M-Files, organizations can get the most out of their information—automating tasks, processes, and actions so that employees can free up time to focus on what matters most—the aspects of their jobs where they receive the greatest fulfillment.

Mindbreeze InSpire Powers Generative AI for the Enterprise - Mindbreeze

Overall, Mindbreeze InSpire is a comprehensive and innovative AI solution that optimizes knowledge retrieval and process efficiency while also prioritizing user privacy and customization through open standards and continuous learning.

Does Your Content Operations Infrastructure Support Your Future Content Strategy? - Quark

To get on a path to content maturity, enterprises must take a platform & ecosystem approach that transforms the landscape when integrating content automation processes. A platform strategy additionally means they can maximize the opportunity of AI, connecting their own AI services and LLMs to automate content workflows while still retaining data control.

Contact center’s AI use when it comes to customer experience - Upland RightAnswers

Customer experience predictions for 2024: service expectations escalate, concerns over data security, the rise of augmented reality technology, evolving AI capabilities.

Winning with Enterprise Federated Search and Retrieval Augmented Generation - Swirl

Used safely, AI can accelerate business efficiency and productivity. Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) is a powerful technique that combines the benefits of large language models (LLMs) and federated search to provide personalized and real-time generative AI solutions. RAG can handle complex queries and generate new content, insights, or actions from multiple information sources, such as databases, documents, websites, and APIs.


KMWorld 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management 2024

We think these companies play a pivotal role in shaping the future and bringing relevancy to how knowledge is harnessed and made useful across diverse sectors. They are committed to driving efficiency and effectiveness through KM to organizations of all types.

Personalization to support customer engagement and boost revenue

Over time, consumers have become accustomed to personalized results when they search for products and services. They are demanding that the brands they deal with have a deep understanding of their individual needs.

Using Generative AI for real-world KM solutions

The overarching utility derived from GenAI capabilities relies on organizations' proficiency to reduce redundancy to minimize inaccuracies, monitor outputs, and trace responses to the underlying data sources from which their responses are produced.

Master These Five KM Practices for Success

Knowledge management is a journey— not a project or a technology—and people are at the heart of it. Whether an organization is starting a new KM program or continuing to evolve and expand an existing program, it is critical to have a documented strategy and focus on all the essentials.


Democratizing software development with no code/low code

By enabling greater productivity and accelerated software development timelines, no code/low code is on the rise.


David Weinberger

Was the web good for knowledge management?

So, yes, the web enables everyone with an internet connection and the freedom to use it to contribute to our new, global, contentious, and contradictory knowledge space. But I did not foresee the dark side because of an optimism born of privilege.

The Future of the Future

The flip side of generative AI: Extractive AI

Extractive AI takes a more comprehensive and transparent approach to machine intelligence.

Ethical Innovation

Should we go back to paper-based KM?

The sheer volume of largely useless data we have accumulated across the years severely limits the ability of AI to work well, and it comes at a heavy environmental and financial cost.

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