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September 2009, Trend-Setting Products 2009 [Vol 18, Issue 8]


KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2009

We've selected more than we have in previous editions because the landscape is far more challenging than it has been in the past. They represent what we believe are the solutions that best exemplify the spirit of innovation demanded by the current economy, while providing their customers with the unique tools and capabilities to move and grow beyond the recession...

Mobile and video tracking challenge the Web analytics

States step up to the electronic challenge

GIS helps government chart a forward course

Government agencies are using geographic information system (GIS) solutions in combination with other applications to consolidate information and help reduce stovepiping. Those solutions have proven to be highly effective at visualizing information to make data-driven decisions...

BI works and plays well with others

Business intelligence (BI) software products are becoming increasingly sophisticated and valuable to companies through their ability to integrate with other applications, including geographic information system (GIS) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Such integration helps companies arrive at the data-driven decisions that are urgently needed in today's economic climate...

Writing the book on Enterprise 2.0

Government Solutions Directory: Exsys

Business Intelligence
Competitive Intelligence Sourcebook: SwiftKnowledge

Trend-Setting Products 2009:
Concept Searching and Coveo

Trend-Setting Products of 2009:
EDS, an HP Company and

Trend-Setting Products of 2009:
Rivet Logic and Temis

Trend-Setting Products of 2009: A2iA, Access Innovations, Appian, Brainware

Trend-Setting Products of 2009: Connotate, Content Analyst, Empolis, Exsys

Trend-Setting Products of 2009:
Inmagic, Integrify, Noetix, Northern Light

Trend-Setting Products of 2009:
PaperThin, Perfect Search, QL2, SDL Tridion

Trend-Setting Products of 2009:

News Analysis

The future of knowledge workers, Part 1

In times of economic turmoil, taking a look into the future toward 2020 might seem like an academic exercise at best. On the other hand, understanding what organizational strategies executives and professionals believe are needed to ensure a viable future is critical to identifying opportunities on the horizon as well as challenges before they become insurmountable. The purpose of this research was to peer into those longer-term trends to determine how organizations will likely try to provide a compelling work environment that attracts, retains and leverages the best of the knowledge workers of the future...

Google’s Wave is building off the enterprise shore

Wave met ripple and Google's Wave crashed over the Google Web surfers, and the howls of glee drowned out the foam and swell of Bing, Microsoft's most recent weapon in the Web search wars.. Hear what Steve Arnold has to say about it in this article from KMWorld magazine.


David Weinberger

Transparency: the new objectivity

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