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Government Solutions Directory: Exsys

Expert Compliance Advisors
One of the biggest problems for government agencies is assisting the public in understanding and following a myriad of regulations. The typical approach is to put the text of the regulations online and perhaps provide training materials aimed at educating the public. In practice this rarely works, and for complex or frequently changing regulations is almost impossible.

The public does not have the time or inclination to learn regulatory complexity to the required level. People would much rather talk to an expert that can provide authoritative detailed situation-specific advice on what they individually should do. However, with today’s staffing and budget constraints, that is impractical for businesses and government agencies to provide.

Exsys Corvid® allows the actual decision-making logic and process of an agency human expert to be captured in online systems that automatically interact with end users to perform a detailed analysis of their individual situation and provide precise situation-specific advice.

Systems interact with end users in a conversational manner that emulates the conversation they would have with a human expert, asking only relevant questions. Systems can provide advice, recommend actions, generate complex reports and documents, and automatically and intelligently fill out forms.

For over 25 years Exsys Inc has been helping government and industry to deliver advanced knowledge automation systems. Many federal agencies and military departments, including OSHA, HUD, USDA, USAF and SBA, along with state and local agencies have built regulatory knowledge automation systems with Exsys tools and knowledge automation project consulting services.

Exsys Inc.
6310 Indian School Rd. NE
Suite 700
Albuquerque, NM 87110

Phone: 505.888.9494
Contact: info@exsys.com
Web: http://www.www.exsys.com

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