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Trend-Setting Products of 2009: A2iA, Access Innovations, Appian, Brainware

A2iA: A2iA DocumentReader

A2iA DocumentReader™
is the first-ever automated data capture and keyword-spotting software. It allows for the classification and extraction of large volumes of unstructured, handwritten letters and loosely structured fields within forms. Unique in the world, A2iA DocumentReader classifies virtually any type of incoming document regardless of format (structured, semi-structured or unstructured) and extracts virtually any type of writing (machine printed characters, handprinted or cursive handwriting).

Classification and Extraction of Virtually all Types of Paper Documents
A2iA DocumentReader classifies documents, extracts data, provides full-text transcription and performs keyword-spotting. With this new generation of technology, virtually all types of documents and incoming mail can be processed automatically, reducing data-entry, processing times and costs. These digitized documents can also be indexed, expanding the range of documents that can be integrated and stored in the information system.

584 Broadway, Suite 810
New York NY 10012

PH: 917.237.0390
Contact: info@a2ia.com
Web: www.a2ia.com

Access Innovations, Inc.: Search Harmony
Search Harmony is taxonomy enhanced search that includes hierarchical browse navigation, automatic query completion using taxonomy terms and their synonyms, contextual presentation of related terms to broaden the search and narrower terms to refine the search, spell check, "more like these" sets, and recursive searches. Based on Access Innovations’ MAIstro automatic indexing and thesaurus software suite, it provides well formed data and highly accurate search results. Used on top of search software, it provides the best of breed in recall, precision, and relevance searching. Pair with Perfect Search Corporation software to quickly index and query terabytes of data with sub-second search response. Compact, fast and accurate search technology available, providing over 50% reduction in staff search time, using fewer servers, low indexing latency, for the best ROI in the industry!

Access Innovations, Inc.
P.O. Box 8640
Albuquerque NM 87198

PH: 505.998.0800
Web: www.accessinn.com
Web: www.dataharmony.com

Appian: Appian Enterprise
Appian’s Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) provides a complete platform for your organization to easily design, execute, manage, and optimize your business processes. Appian’s comprehensive business process management software and expert services enable organizations to gain control over critical processes, increase efficiency and reduce operating costs. Appian product offerings include:

Appian Enterprise: A full-featured, 100% Web-based BPMS platform allowing organizations to easily capture process documentation, build composite process-based applications, manage daily work, and optimize process efficiency.

Appian Anywhere: The only complete SaaS BPM Suite available on-demand with low per user/per month pricing.

Application Templates: Get a jump start with these pre-built application components. Application Templates are offered as a complement to Appian Enterprise or as a Software-as-a-Service solution with Appian Anywhere.

Appian Corporation
1875 Explorer Street, 4th Floor
Reston VA 20190

PH: 703.442.8844
FAX: 703.442.8919
Contact: info@appian.com
Web: www.appian.com

Brainware: Globalbrain
Brainware’s Intelligent Search and Retrieval solution, Globalbrain, is highly scalable and enables enterprise access to vast amounts of structured and unstructured data (including e-mails, e-mail attachments, OCR’d images, PDF files, word processing documents, spreadsheets and hundreds of other formats). Simply search for information by using queries comprised of phrases, sentences, paragraphs or even entire documents of text rather than complex Boolean logic or complicated taxonomies.

  • Fault tolerant—misspellings or bad OCR won’t affect results
  • Language independent—without the use of dictionaries or add-ons
  • Scalable—incredible speed and accuracy regardless of the size of the repositories
  • Balances precision and recall—set relevancy for broad or narrow subject returns
  • Easily embeds in third-party applications or web portals

Brainware, Inc.
20110 Ashbrook Place
Suite 150
Ashburn VA 20147

PH: 703.948.5800
Contact: info@brainware.com
Web: www.brainware.com

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