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Trend-Setting Products of 2009: Connotate, Content Analyst, Empolis, Exsys

Connotate: Agent Community GEN2
Since 2000, Connotate has been changing the way businesses leverage information found across the Web and Enterprise.

Connotate empowers businesses to quickly create and deploy innovative, data-rich applications. The Connotate solution enables data-reliant businesses to reach deeper and more accurately into the web and other information sources. Leveraging machine intelligence, the Connotate solution can be used to mine and extract new product content, aggregate trusted information into daily workflows, or create and disburse real-time information to relevant distribution channels. The Connotate solution empowers both technical and non-technical staff to transform Web and enterprise data into standardized, reliable applications and mashups. Without the need for programming, the Connotate solution increases productivity 10-100x and delivers amazing ROI.

Connotate’s clients include global publishers, media companies, financial services firms, pharmaceuticals, and government agencies.

100 Albany Street
New Brunswick NJ 0890

PH: 732.296.8844
FAX: 732.296.0330
Contact: sales@connotate.com
Web: www.connotate.com

Content Analyst: CAAT
Content Analyst Analytical Technology

CAAT from Content Analyst Company is a market-leading conceptual search and text analytics engine. CAAT employs patented mathematics to find and organize documents regardless of size, format, or language, by analyzing conceptual content, a far more effective process than simple keywords. CAAT’s major features include conceptual search, concept-based categorization, dynamic clustering and automatic summarization.

Partners who have integrated CAAT into their market-leading solutions provide their customers with more efficient methods of finding and organizing unstructured information while producing superior, defensible results. CAAT reduces the cost of eDiscovery review for legal partners. CAAT helps analysts find actionable information across large document collections at government agencies. CAAT rapidly organizes customer feedback to find valuable insights for market research companies. CAAT delivers better results and helps reduce costs.

Content Analyst Company, LLC
11720 Sunrise Valley Drive
Suite 400
Reston VA 20191

PH: 888.349.9442 or 703.391.8700
FAX: 703.391.1644
Contact: info@contentanalyst.com
Web: www.contentanalyst.com

Empolis: Empolis Discovery and Research
Business is driven by information. More importantly, it thrives on timely and accurate information. Today, more than any other time in history, corporate systems are flooded with information that employees and executives either don’t know they have or they can’t access. If you can access and analyze this valuable corporate intelligence, your risk is reduced, research optimized and ultimately you are able to significantly increase your employees’ productivity, produce better products and deliver better service to customers.

Empolis’ Research & Discovery is a web-based, portal application featuring advanced information access technology combined with text analytics. With it, information becomes transparent and you can now take it a step further by drilling into related information, exploring uncovered relationships and sharing your views for collaboration.

Empolis GmbH
Europaallee 10
67657 Kaiserslautern, Germany

PH: +49 (0) 631 303 5505
FAX: +49 (0) 631 303 5507
Contact: info@empolis.com
Web: www.empolis.com

Exsys Corvid: Knowledge Automation
Exsys Corvid knowledge automation development tools and services deliver decision-making knowledge in interactive web-enabled applications. Non-programmers can rapidly build applications, which capture complex problem-solving logic and processes. Systems emulate a conversation with the human experts to provide reliable situation specific advice 24/7. Common application areas include:

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Diagnostics
  • Self-Service Customer Support
  • Pre-Sales Advice
  • Configuration
  • Best Practices
  • Capturing Corporate Knowledge
  • Smart Questionnaires
  • Process Monitoring

You can even integrate the Exsys Corvid’s Inference Engine with Adobe Flash for RIA interfaces that take Flash to new levels.

From everyday decision tasks to mission-critical support, make your web site an "answer portal" that your customers and employees need 24/7. Demos and free trial: www.exsys.com

Exsys Inc.
6310 Indian School Rd. NE
Suite 700
Albuquerque, NM 87110

PH: 505.888.9494
Contact: info@exsys.com
Web: http://www.www.exsys.com

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