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September/October 2022, Trend-Setting Products 2022 [Volume 31, Issue 5]


Free Your Legacy Files—with Access Unify | Secure Compliance

Access Unify | Secure Compliance is an industry-leading, end-to-end Electronic Records Management solution. It can quickly and securely extract and migrate legacy files to your modern IT infrastructure, enabling you to retire costly legacy systems and provide your staff with access to the right content at the right time.

eGain - Eliminating content, knowhow, and analytics silos, creating one trusted source for knowledge

An end-to-end solution for knowledge management that unifies and orchestrates all the building blocks needed for modern KM, the Hub's centralized approach eliminates content, knowhow, and analytics silos, creating one trusted source for knowledge.

Franz - Knowledge Graphs and AI for your Data Lakehouse

By overlaying a Knowledge Graph onto a Lakehouse architecture the combination facilitates more flexible data operations, lowers data integration costs, and delivers powerful insights only possible when data is connected.

Mindbreeze InSpire Illuminates and Connects All Information in your Organization

Mindbreeze InSpire paves the way for companies to analyze their data (both structured and unstructured) efficiently and capitalize fully on the information buried within it.

Quark: Modernize Your Enterprise Content Ecosystem

Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen provides closed-loop content lifecycle management by automating content creation, collaboration, assembly, omnichannel publishing and analysis. The software platform unifies content creation, automation and intelligence capabilities that are modular, metadata-driven and compliance-controlled.

Verint: Customer Engagement is the Heartbeat of Your Brand

Verint Knowledge Management™ is a market leading solution that works at the speed of your customers. It connects your company, customers, and bots with intelligent, easy-to use knowledge.

Yext: Making relevant, actionable answers findable throughout the entire digital ecosystem

Yext's Answers Platform collects content from across your organization, organizes it into a knowledge graph, and then leverages AI to make relevant, actionable answers findable throughout the entire digital ecosystem.

Reimagining business with digital transformation

Regardless of the increase in scale, speed, and accuracy of digital transformation initiatives involving software agents, the cloud, search, and asset enrichment, the goal of these constructs is ultimately to improve the efficacy of human workers—and their business processes. This distinction may be a subtle one, but it's integral to the overall point of digital transformation, especially when it's applied to knowledge management.

Data Visualization provides rapid insights

One of the advantages of visualization as an analytic tool is its ability to summarize very large amounts of data in a consumable way.

How KM can support diversity, equity, and inclusion

KM teams are well-positioned to make meaningful contributions to their organizations' DEI goals and help create workplaces where every employee can flourish. After all, good KM relies on democratizing access to knowledge and expertise while creating psychologically safe spaces to exchange ideas and experiences.

Join us at KMWorld 2022 November 7–10, 2022 JW Marriott Washington, DC

It's time to close that Zoom tab and brush up on those in-person-to-person skills as KMWorld, the largest gathering of knowledge management thought leaders, practitioners, authors, and storytellers, returns to Washington, D.C., for the first time since 2019.

KMWorld Trend-Setting Products of 2022

To help showcase advanced products and services, each year KMWorld magazine looks for innovative offerings that are helping organizations derive greater benefit from their information, share knowledge more efficiently, make better decisions, improve compliance and security, effectively support employees, and communicate more seamlessly with customers.


Best P2P practices and their benefits

Using P2P automation solutions, organizations can maximize the productivity of the whole procurement team and streamline the whole process in the most effective way.

KM in Practice

Montréal Exchange integrates KX’s cutting-edge surveillance solution

Regulatory oversight platform enhances market surveillance capacity

US Space Force selects Wallaroo to solve edge model deployment challenges

SPACEWERX, the innovation arm of the U.S. Space Force, chose Wallaroo to demonstrate how AI and machine learning can be deployed at the edge to help America's newest military service branch


David Weinberger

What ‘sentient’ AI teaches us

As Gary Marcus says, a large language model is just a "spreadsheet for words" that lets it act as a massive autocompletion system that knows how words go together but has not the foggiest idea how those words connect to the world.

The Future of the Future

The final frontier

Given the rapid expansion of satellite communication webs in support of IoT, the volume of data will continue to explode.

Ethical Innovation

To hyperautomate or not to hyperautomate?

The logic behind hyperautomation is clear: Automate everything that can be automated. The practicalities of that are far less clear.

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