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Yext: Making relevant, actionable answers findable throughout the entire digital ecosystem

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Yext: The Answers Platform

Every day, customers and employees are asking questions about your business. These questions get asked in dozens, if not hundreds, of places: on search engines, websites, apps, voice assistants, and more. Questions can range from “What is your return policy?” to “How do I reset my password?”

Consumers increasingly expect easy answers to these questions and a seamless digital experience wherever they look for information. But meeting these expectations is challenging for any business, since each digital channel is managed separately and answers can be scattered across any number of content silos. Ultimately, this represents significant operational inefficiency and leads to a poor experience for the end-user. Customers and employees ask questions about a business and are met with answers that are inconsistent, irrelevant, or worse—not there at all.


Enter Yext. Yext’s Answers Platform collects content from across your organization, organizes it into a knowledge graph, and then leverages AI to make relevant, actionable answers findable throughout the entire digital ecosystem. Over 250 direct integrations with partners like Adobe, Zendesk, and Salesforce quickly get companies up and running so that they can create seamless content-driven experiences on websites, help portals, intranets, chatbots, and even third-party search engines.

For over 15 years, companies of all sizes, from local small businesses to the world’s largest enterprises, have trusted Yext to connect customers and employees with the knowledge they need—whenever and wherever it matters most. Learn how you can lower support costs, increase satisfaction, and drive operational efficiency at yext.com.

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Web: www.yext.com
Email: yext@team.yext.com

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