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Quark: Modernize Your Enterprise Content Ecosystem

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Quark: Quark Publishing Platform NextGen

Content is a core business strategy with a critical role in digital transformation, regulatory compliance, customer satisfaction and revenue growth. Yet organizations struggle with effectively creating, managing and delivering content to support their business objectives.

Similar to how organizations implemented technology to harness the value of “big data,” they now need to invest in technologies to support “big content.” We’re in a new era characterized by massive volumes and varieties of content that must meet the high expectations of both internal and external stakeholders who want information on demand.

Quark Publishing Platform (QPP) NextGen provides closed-loop content lifecycle management by automating content creation, collaboration, assembly, omnichannel publishing and analysis. The software platform unifies content creation, automation and intelligence capabilities that are modular, metadata-driven and compliance-controlled.

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With QPP NextGen, enterprises can confront the inherent complexities of content operations plus meet current and future compliance requirements. Usage and engagement analytics take the guesswork out of content strategy because of the ability to compare production costs to determine real ROI.

Flexible deployment options support moving to the cloud and establish the framework for an extensible content ecosystem that integrates with existing technology investments, including business applications such as Microsoft Office. Structured authoring in a Word environment with automatic XML generation and cross-functional collaboration speeds review-approval cycles, decreases time to market, and ensures accuracy and constituency to bolster compliance.

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