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July/August 2020 [Volume 29, Issue 4]


AI in Your Pocket

eGain delivers memorable, digital-first customer experiences

Enterprise AI strategy, design, and implementation services to help achieve AI now

Entity-Event Knowledge Graph Solutions: Franz Inc.

Lucidworks Customers Delight in a Digital Workplace That Offers Faster Decisions, Happier Teams, and More Loyal Customers

When do you know that you need a knowledge graph? Manage your Knowledge Graph Projects with PoolParty - the only comprehensive semantic middleware in the market.

Identify experts. Access know-how. Solve skill-gaps. The #1 artificial intelligence platform for knowledge and skills.

KMWorld AI 50: The Companies Empowering Intelligent Knowledge Management

The centerpiece of data governance: Making information quality pay off

Poor information quality wastes monetary resources, squanders data's underlying value to the enterprise, and significantly increases risk in the form of regulatory compliance or litigation.

Knowledge graphs enhance customer experience through speed and accuracy

Although knowledge graphs have been deployed by major companies such as Google, Amazon, and LinkedIn due to their ability to incorporate relationships in their analyses as well as their speed, only in the last 5 years has their use become more widespread.


The need for digital intelligence in the time of social distancing

Social distancing has made stellar CX an imperative

KM in Practice

Growing fashion retailer taps Oracle to increase focus on customers 

Sportina was able to standardize its diverse business on a modern retail technology platform

Shoe retailer strengthens global presence

LaShoe's targeted content and commerce strategy relies on e-Spirit's digital experience platform


David Weinberger

Links then and now

Broken links used to be like potholes. Now there are entire neighborhoods that are gone.

The Future of the Future

Building the enterprise of the future: If not now, when ?

It should be plainly clear that we need knowledge management now more than ever. You can be sure that the COVID-19 crisis won't be the last crisis to come our way. And the next one might be even more severe because our supporting systems have taken some serious hits.

Cognitive Computing

The eureka moment

AI is beginning to develop some support for the thought process. As the technology improves, it's possible that AI will eventually be able to offer relationships and connections that still seem far-fetched.

Ethical Innovation

Thinking beyond the status quo

The technologies exist today to achieve almost any corporate or departmental goal. What is lacking is the nerve to think big and think beyond the status quo—to break barriers, to collaborate, and to share.

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