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Shoe retailer strengthens global presence

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Addressing each customer’s unique needs is a goal that most companies strive to achieve. For LaShoe, a Germany-based global provider of fashionable yet comfortable shoes for women, its marketing team seeks to create inspiring content that meets each customer’s specific needs and accelerates the buying process.

After examining multiple technology solutions, LaShoe selected e-Spirit and Spryker to simplify the creation of marketing content. Since LaShoe caters to women that each have distinct requirements for footwear, including bunions and sensitive feet, the content available on its website must to be able to adjust to each customer’s particular needs.

e-Spirit provides a digital experience platform powered by a hybrid CMS. Spryker offers a full-scale commerce solution servicing more than 150 B2B, B2C, and marketplace customers.

Leveraging the ability to easily create content using e-Spirit's FirstSpirit—while integrating with Spryker's commerce platform—allows marketers to easily develop and deliver inspiring experiences that compel customers to make purchases across any digital platform.

“In order to optimize the customer online shopping experience, we need technology that enables us to easily combine content and commerce to create a seamless customer experience. Our marketers want to easily create and manage content across many different languages,” said Daniel Koch, LaShoe’s digital platform manager.

According to e-Spirtit, one of the unique features of  its FirstSpirit platform is that it enables LaShoe’s marketing team to view and edit experiences on any channel, including websites, mobile devices, progressive web applications, digital signs, information kiosks, and any IoT-related device. This is critical today since customers access content across a wide variety of channels.

The combination of e-Spirit and Spryker has helped LaShoe improve the customer experience, expand its international presence, and make it easier for the marketing team to tailor recommendations to customers.

More information is available at www.lashoe.de, https://spryker.com, and www.e-spirit.com/us.

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