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Building a body of knowledge

User stories from the knowledge front

Who needs to manage knowledge? Certainly the Institute for Knowledge Management should practice what it preaches. Associated with The George Washington University , the Institute decided to implement software that would enable local and remote faculty and students to centralize knowledge, as well as provide a hands-on approach to knowledge management.

The Institute chose Entopia's Quantum to meet the content management needs of staff and students. Its three-tier architecture enables users to manage information from any digital source and allows workgroups to collaborate in project- and team-based shared spaces. With the software, the Institute can capitalize on its acquired knowledge by being able to locate documents, experts and information sources. According to Entopia, the Institute particularly liked the usability of the solution ... from one-click collection of research to presentation of search results by the Knowledge Locator.

"The software delivers the functionality that we were looking for in an innovative and user-friendly way," says Art Murray, managing director of the Institute. "We decided that we needed a top-of-the-line KM tool if we were going to realize our goal of building the body of knowledge on knowledge management."

Murray also says that the solution will support the organization's goal of providing exceptional knowledge management research and education, best practices and technologies—both academic and practical—to students

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