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Far from simply search Intelliseek unveils EES Version 4.5

Intelliseek reports that Enterprise Search Server (ESS) 4.5 builds on the software's already proven ability to simultaneously search, through real-time federated search architecture, a variety of disparate sources and includes the added ability to rank findings by date. ESS 4.5 searches even more data than before and now supports the real-time analysis of HTML files, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Adobe PDF documents.

New features to help businesses stay on top of relevant knowledge include:

Enhanced results analysis: The ESS Results Analyzer is said to improve the quality of results returned to the user by downloading and analyzing every document for accuracy. The new release transparently tackles analysis of multiple document formats (including popular office document formats, PDF files, etc.) in multiple languages in the real-time filtering process to guarantee freshness and usefulness of search results delivered to users.

Personalized search: Users can personalize their search experience to target those groups of sources in real time that are useful in their individual job functions, and save those groups for future searches. Additionally, Relevance Tuner controls how results are ranked and displayed.

Enhanced alerting : To watch a specific research issue or monitor arrival of new information related to a specific competitor, users can now schedule alerts to run more frequently or run them on demand using improved Search and Page Alerts.

New administration tools: Engine Watch automatically tests information sources for accuracy and generates a report indicating the reliability of each source broker.

Deep search analysis: A new search analysis capability provides a one-page summary of information requested and returned for each query, including the number of results retrieved, duplicates, and results that did not match the query, allowing users to ensure search integrity.

In other Intelliseek news, the company reports it will license Inxight’s acquired WhizBang Labs information extraction technology that taps into multiple, disparate data sources to extract and present key information in the form of "facts."

Intelliseek will use the technology to automatically extract company-related information from millions of Web sites. Incorporating Inxight's technology with its own, Intelliseek will produce ASP solutions that create analytic tools and structured reports from large amounts of unstructured data that include Web pages, MS Office documents and e-mail. Intelliseek currently offers a set of new consumer, media and government intelligence solutions.

Inxight says the technology can automatically crawl a company's external Web site, even accessing dynamically generated pages, classify those pages according to type (contains company address, management bios, etc.), extract the key entities (in the case of management bios, person name, title, previous companies worked at) and associate those entities into a database record, deriving structure where none existed.

In 2003 Inxight will incorporate the WhizBang Labs fact-extraction technology into Inxight SmartDiscovery, the company's solution for automating the discovery and retrieval of unstructured text data. It is said that this enhancement, coupled with Inxight SmartDiscovery's existing features--which include taxonomy management, enterprise class categorization and a guided information retrieval environment--will set the solution far ahead of any other unstructured data management solution. Inxight will also evaluate software licensing opportunities for the WhizBang Labs technology.

One of the first applications to emerge from the Inxight-Intelliseek partnership is Intelliseek's real-time Lead Generator, which it describes as a module that integrates a large and current company database with sales force automation software to create timely, comprehensive sales leads for major corporations and brands. The database, containing competitive intelligence and regularly refreshed, real-time information on more than 4 million companies, is built on Intelliseek's information-extracting, text-mining, natural language-processing and Internet-crawling infrastructure. Real-time Lead Generator is slated to be available for enterprise clients in 4Q '02.

Intelliseek says that working with Inxight's technology, it also plans to create a regularly updated press "pulse" database for use by business and competitive intelligence professionals, venture capitalists, financial analysts and others interested in staying current on information extracted and updated from company press releases, media clippings and the Internet

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