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Law support group automates mailings

Enterprise marketing management software will help a non-profit organization expedite communication with its members and improve the efficiency of its mailings.

Practising Law Institute—which provides programs, publications and other services to attorneys throughout the country—will implement five of the seven available Aprimo Marketing modules from Aprimo. They include Direct Marketer, Financial Manager, Marcom Manager, Strategic Planner and Web Response Manager. Direct Marketer and Marcom Manager are being used immediately to automate list management and improve the group's segmentation capability for direct mailings, which account for 90% of the organization's marketing efforts. The application also will be used to coordinate and manage the group's activities and to strengthen its e-mail marketing campaigns, according to a recent press release.

Arlene Bein, director of marketing for Practising Law Institute, says, "Having a centralized, real-time platform for all our marketing data will significantly reduce the amount of time and resources spent on developing marketing plans, as well as greatly enhance our ability to get the right message to the right audience at the right time. Now we will have instant access to more comprehensive, up-to-date information about our customers, making our marketing efforts more on-target."

The organization has handled a portion of its gathered data manually, such as returned e-mails and unsubscribe requests. With the new software, that information will be updated automatically as it is captured and fed directly into the system. Once added, the information can be merged with data from previous campaigns, resulting in the ability to launch more targeted, personalized campaigns with clean and current data, according to Aprimo.

"We have one employee dedicated to updating our mailing lists for each drop," Bein explains. "This is a tedious job when done manually, because it often requires her to rerun the initial lists before the campaign is executed. Now it's done with the push of a button so we can utilize that employee's talents in other, more product areas, such as managing our growing e-marketing initiatives. That's an incredible productivity increase that maximizes our existing resources.

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