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Redefining Regence's claim service

User stories from the knowledge front

Having information readily available reduces the frustration level within a company and helps it to retain both customers and employees. That is one reason why The Regence Group's has expanded its use of collaboration and knowledge management software throughout its affiliate organizations. The expansion of WordsToHyperlink Open Text's Livelink is said to streamline insurance claim services for Regence BlueCross BlueShield, while providing an estimated initial cost savings of $700,000.

"it's all about customer services," says Connie Jackson, lead analyst for Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon. "Livelink is effective because it enables everyone in the organization to make decisions based on the same information, responding to customer inquiries quickly, accurately and effectively. It is so easy to use and versatile that we continually find new ways to improve our business efficiency and processes across the board."

According to Open Text, the software is being used throughout The Regence Group in the following ways:

  • The claims department uses it to aid in coding documentation that indicates how insurance claims should be paid. The claims manager estimates that online manuals created through the solution have saved paper, as well as assembly and delivery costs.;

  • Medical affairs keeps its online manuals on Livelink, reducing the time required to conduct research. The manuals are used to answer questions from doctors, hospitals and other external sources. Also, internal departments, such as underwriting, need medical affairs documentation.;

  • Human resources is automating its job description base. The old paper-based system contained 4,500 jobs, of which only 1,750 were in use. ;

  • Regence membership and claims consolidation's online coordinators use the system's virtual office features for storing and sharing documents, despite the fact that team members live in four different states. ;

The Regence Group serves almost 3 million members in Oregon, Washington, Utah and Idaho

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