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Investing in market intelligence

To raise the most capital from its historical data, the London Stock Exchange is investing in new data warehouse technology. It's deploying a Teradata real-time data warehouse as part of its plan to enhance the financial market intelligence services it delivers. The solution will be deployed for the Exchange by Accenture (accenture.com), its system integration partner.

The London Stock Exchange bills itself as the most international stock exchange in the world and as the largest equity market in Europe. Its information services are said to be key components of the offerings it provides to investors and public companies. More than 100,000 terminals are installed in 100 countries worldwide to offer access to the Exchange's data, providing the Exchange with a significant revenue and distribution channel.

The exchange realized that its historical data constitutes an important source of intelligence for investors, and that providing up-to-date access to that data would strengthen its services. In order to do that, the Exchange will add to its current system architecture by consolidating a number of disparate data silos.

Says David Lester, CIO of the London Stock Exchange, "We have a huge wealth of historical data at the Exchange that offers investors and third-party data providers an invaluable source of market intelligence. However, we need to develop our information infrastructure further to exploit the value of this data.

"With the demands for up-to-date access to both historical and value-added, real-time trading data," he continues, "we needed a proven, scalable data warehousing technology. Teradata demonstrated that its technology both satisfied these demands and offered operational cost savings on our existing infrastructure."

Teradata is a division of NCR

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