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Metalogix, Mandy Sadowski VP of Global Marketing: View From the Top

Set Your Enterprise Content Free

Content is everywhere—in emails to clients and vendors; in spreadsheets and purchase orders; in graphs and charts. Content drives our daily lives and is fundamental to enterprise development.

When it comes to enterprise content, you need to be assured that it is efficiently controlled throughout its entire lifecycle. Regardless of its platform—Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange or in the Cloud—your valuable content must be cost-effectively and seamlessly managed, migrated, stored, archived and protected for as long as your business needs dictate.

Many organizations have adopted SharePoint as the latest and greatest way to manage content across the entire business. The next step is using SharePoint to free your content to meet your business-critical needs and in-crease knowledge worker productivity.

Wouldn't it be great to have the flexibility to manage content the way your organization demands, without the constraints and barriers of traditional content management systems? You have a choice to maximize the full potential of SharePoint. To make it your sole enterprise content management solution. You have a choice to set your content free so the entire organization can embrace growth and unleash productivity—now and in the future.

Metalogix is the trusted provider of innovative content lifecycle management solutions for Microsoft SharePoint, Exchange and Cloud platforms. We deliver high-performance solutions to scale and cost-effectively manage, migrate, store, archive and protect enterprise content.

Our customers maximize their Microsoft infrastructure investments by deploying our intuitive, high quality solutions that increase the usability and performance of their business-critical applications. Metalogix embraces Microsoft standards and enables organizations to reduce administrative and storage costs while minimizing operational risks associated with their growing Microsoft content.

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Washington DC 20015

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