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Precisely expands its data enrichment and geo addressing portfolio

Precisely, a global leader in data integrity, is further expanding the global coverage and capabilities of its data enrichment and geo addressing portfolio, introducing Address Fabric and Property Attributes.

According to the company, these products underscore Precisely’s continued commitment to helping customers easily unlock greater location-based context from their data, enabled by its identifier, the PreciselyID.

Precisely customers can now access the Address Fabric dataset for Great Britain, France, and New Zealand—providing the most current and comprehensive lists of all known physical addresses across these countries. The new datasets expand Precisely’s existing coverage for the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Address Fabric data is easy to use with any database and analytics environment without needing specific geospatial expertise or tools. Customers can analyze address locations for various applications, including identifying new serviceable addresses, discovering new customers through look-a-like analysis, or selecting a site for new stores or network expansion opportunities. 

The expansion of its Property Attributes products for the United States adds 26 new attributes now available via integration with Multiple Listing Service (MLS) data.

The MLS database of property listings is used by real estate agents to share information about homes currently on the market, including whether a property is affiliated with a Homeowner’s Association or if it’s considered a rental property. 

With the latest updates, Property Attributes products now include over 230 different property information attributes across virtually every county located in the United States, providing a highly comprehensive view of a property and its key characteristics, such as details on land use, square footage, construction materials, and year built, according to the company.

Address Fabric and Property Attributes leverage best-in-class geo addressing solutions from Precisely to provide the most accurate location information possible.

Because each record is appended with a unique PreciselyID that remains persistent even when address elements change, customers can unlock greater value by enriching their data with additional information such as points of interest data, risk factors, demographics data, and much more, according to the company.

“Precisely continues to be at the forefront of data enrichment and geo addressing solutions, enabling customers where they are on their data journey and supporting them with access to consistent location-based insights across their countries of operation,” said Dan Adams, senior vice president and general manager for data enrichment at Precisely. “An essential element of data integrity, our unique PreciselyID makes address management and enrichment simple by eliminating time-consuming data preparation and augmenting insights with rich, relevant context.”  

For more information about this news, visit www.precisely.com.

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